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    So, it's down to playing @KU and OU in Austin.

    My, somewhat middling expectations:

    Texas, before KU, 6-11
    takes 2 at KU, 8-12
    takes 1 from OU, 9-14

    KU, before UT, 5-10
    takes 1 from UT, 6-12
    takes 1 @TCU, 7-14
    takes 2 from KSU, 9-15

    I think my math is right based on those assumptions, which (ignoring KSU right above UT could fall below UT) gets the Horns into the Big 12 tournament at the very bottom of eligibles, likely to play either Baylor or Tceh.

    Doubtful the Horns get a regional invite if they don't even make the Big 12 tournament.

    IF they get in, and are the 8th seed, likely top seeds right now:

    Texas went 1-1 against BU, with the Horns leading 6-0 in 3rd game which got cancelled due to weather.

    Texas went 2-1 against Tceh (in Austin).
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    Yeah Tech's season hasn't gone the way they thought it would, either.
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    Well, they used to be scrappy. Now they are just one letter less than that.
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