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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Stuck_At_Work, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Stuck_At_Work

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    I know the rule of thumb coming out of college was 1 page. What is the rule of thumb as you gain professional experience? Should I still stick with 1 page after 8 years of experience?
  2. Steve Dallas

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    Been out of school 20 years and I still believe in one page. I'm in finance, and have worked for investment banks for the bulk of that time. I definitely cut a few things out, but I'm not certain they're that material in the big picture.

    Be interested to hear other opinions.
  3. AstroVol

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    I do most of the interviewing at my company, and I would much rather see you show that you values my time, and submit to me 1/2 of a page of education, skills, and experience relevant to the position than make me read through your life story. We're not dating! I don't care that you enjoy reading and traveling! The interview is for stuff like that. If you have a 2-page resume, it had BETTER be filled to brim with relevant stuff, particularly details and responsibilities and your previous employment..none of this "who's who" or "avid Spurs fan" crap.

    The content, not the appearance, of the resume is what should stand out. Much like some douche bags I know, fancy resumes almost invariably try to compensate for a lack of something. If you're applying for a position as an artist or as a comedian, put together a portfolio of your work, don't try to incorporate it in the resume.
  4. l00p

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    I think width is more important. Good luck.
  5. zzzz

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    You might find this article useful:The Link
  6. TheFied

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    1 page.
  7. Ignatius

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    How big are your hands?
  8. GHoward

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    Is it appropriate to make a 1-page resume, then have a second page of less important stuff that wouldn't hurt if it is not read?
  9. Smurfette

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    I have all of the important stuff on one page, then have a second page for references. I also try to keep the more "impressive" stuff at the top of the list of descriptors under the job.

    I think it's important to show you've been w/ companies for a while, too. I've seen people want to list every little job, and it looks like they;re job-hopping every year or so, which in my opinion isn't impressive.

    What about letter of interest? I've seen some poeple do these really long, and others make it brief-- I'm currently seeking a position doing blah blah blah, thanks for your time.

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