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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by aUTfan, Aug 30, 2021.

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    Haven't seen anything on this, just wondering who has reported back to school so that we can unofficially confirm what the roster looks like? what about the last recruiting class? How does the new class help our team this coming year?
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    Joshua Stewart could be a really good one. All-American high schooler per Perfect Game. Throws up to 95mph. Good movement and control. Ranked #41 RHP in the nation coming out of high school--which includes all the guys who went pro--so probably in the top 10 or better new collegiate RHPs. Note: both his parents, and both his siblings are aggies!

    Cameron O'Banan (photo immediately below)-- another good incoming pitcher who throws in the low-to-mid 90s. Has friendly competition with Stewart.


    “I learned a long time ago that when you think you have enough pitching, recruit more. That’s exactly what our staff did,” Coach Pierce said.
    (now there's a guy on the same wavelength as me)

    Joshua Stewart Class of 2021 - Player Profile | Perfect Game USA

    David Pierce, Texas load up on pitching with 2021 signing class

    Longtime UT Baseball 2021 commits O'Banan & Stewart build bond this summer

    Gavin Kash brings a good bat from either 1B or 3B or DH.
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    All of this is injury avoidance dependent but the Horns go into the 2022 season with perhaps the best weekend rotation in all of college baseball (Hansen, Witt, Stevens in no particular order) and a solid weekday starter (Gordon) who would be a weekend starter on any other team in the Big XII. They also have best closer in Big XII and one of best in nation in Nixon. With Menendez back and the freshman core of last year now with a year of experience and 5 games in Omaha under their belt, the lineup isnt as powerful as last year but has some pop and more importantly consistency. Fall ball will show us a little more but right now Texas should start the year ranked in the top five and is a legit Omaha and NC contender.:hookem:
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    I wouldn’t mind exchanging less pop with more consistent hitting.
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    An interesting question is whether Gordon is more valuable to the team as a reliever or a weekday starter...? Pierce and Allen might try a number of guys in that weekday starter position during pre-conference play. I have high hopes for Southard. No telling how the new guys will do, but they look good on paper.

    Kubichek signed with the Mets for $125k.
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    I hope he makes better business decisions as his pro experience grows.
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    Thanks for the information Chop.
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    COACH: "Say Aaron. Tomorrow is leg day in the weight room."

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    What about Duplantier? He looked good in relief in 2020, had surgery last season. Anyone know how he's doing?
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    I think he’s recovering and going to be real good. I saw an article that projects him as a starter next year. Worst case, he’s another solid reliever.
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    Great to see our guys helping out the youths!

    Banditos Baseball Club is at Texas Prospects Baseball Academy.
    Septembpotser15fuoaunsstoh5:0re3hnmucdAM · Tomball ·

    Thanks to Aaron Nixon and Trey Faltine for coming to work out with the boys this past weekend! The camp was a huge success with the boys learning from the best! Never forget where you started! College camp series continues this weekend! Check out the new sweet dugouts! #banditosbrotherhood #banditosbaseball #bleedingblack #texasbaseball


  12. Phil Elliott

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    First time I've ever seen Nixon (sort of) smile.
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  13. aUTfan

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    So, what’s the story with Jace Hutchins? It’s pretty odd for someone of his dads stature to see his son play for a rival
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    Snarky response for the question immediately above:

    Yeah, it's difficult to imagine a young man from College Station wanting to spend what's left of his college years in a Bohemian atmosphere that has stuff like girl cheerleaders, plenty of night clubs, live music other than just a few really bad country cover bands, hot and eager young women from all over the world, great restaurants, etc...

    ...rather than remain in the provincial bucolic paradise of Bryan/College Station.

    Maybe that boy ain't right in the head.


  15. aUTfan

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    well, I mean I can’t be the only one that scratched his head over it but Texas is poised for a championship run over the next year or so, so I understand a little.
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    From the 2nd link above. The cut and paste made this look a bit smushy.

    [​IMG] Henry Bolte
    OF6-3195R-RPalo AltoPalo AltoCATexas
    [​IMG] Cutter Coffey
    [​IMG] Brenner Cox
    OF6-2190L-RRock HillProsperTXTexas
    [​IMG] Pierce George
    SS6-7242R-RLake TravisLakewayTXTexas
    [​IMG] Matthew Porchas
    RHP6-3215R-RSanta Margarita CatholicLadera RanchCATexas
    [​IMG] Rylan Galvan
    [​IMG] Jalin Flores
    [​IMG] Jared Thomas
    [​IMG] Max Belyeu
    [​IMG] Jayden Duplantier
    SS6-1170R-RSummer CreekHoustonTXTexas
    [​IMG] Max Grubbs
    [​IMG] Viggo Lopez
    OF6-2185L-RPSJASan JuanTXTexas
    [​IMG] Collin Valentine
    LHP6-3165L-LHighland ParkDallasTXTexas
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    Matthew Porchas is the #1 ranked HS pitcher in California for the Class of 2022. He committed to UT. Fastball in the low 90s with control and some movement. Wicked slider—allegedly 2600 rpm spin on it. :yikes:

    A real Sultan of Strikeouts. 6’3” 215. RHP. Hopefully we get him for at least a couple of years.

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  19. Chop

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    Two more 2022 pitchers:

    Max Grubbs 6’1” 180lbs. RHP from baseball powerhouse Arlington Martin. Fastball in the low 90s. Also a really good batter. We could have a Brooks Kieschnik sort of player at the plate and on the mound. Has expressed some interest in going pro right out of high school.

    Collin Valentine. 6’2” 160lbs. LHP from Highland Park. A promising project with good control. A crafty pitcher. His current velocity isn’t where it needs to be for college ball —-yet. Needs to beef up and improve his velocity before he breaks into our bullpen, or starting lineup someday. Still, a left handed pitcher with control and command of three + pitches—he’s a taker.
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    It is baseball so recruiting commitments are useless. Who shows up for the first day of classes is what counts.
  21. Chop

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    Here's one you don't see every day. Ardoin as Fred Flintstone:

  22. Chop

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    Yeah, we can still field:
    (double play)

  23. Chop

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    Skye Messinger - IF - 6'3" 220 lbs - transfer from KU, doing some power hitting in Fall baseball:

    Skyler Messinger

    (he really brings a bat to our lineup!)
    • His 19 doubles were tied for 12th in the NCAA at the end of the regular season
    • Led KU with 20 multiple-hit games and 10 multiple-RBI games
    • All-Big 12 Second Team honoree
    • Led the Jayhawks in batting average (.324), games played (56), games started (56), at bats (213), runs (43), hits (69), doubles (19), RBI (39) and slugging percentage (.460)
    • Can play 3rd base, SS, 1st base

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