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    So I finally managed to talk the office at my apartment complex into allowing me to have a grill on my balcony. With that said, I plan on doing ribs this coming Sunday. Any good recipes/tips i should be aware of??? thanks!
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    Step 1: Buy a grill you can smoke with, like a Weber...
    Step 2: Obey this man
    Step 3: Enjoy the hell out of your ribs...
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    Bear: What kind of grill do you have? Is it gas, or is it a charcoal grill that will allow for smoking/indirect heat cooking? If so, you would be wise to check out hornian's 3-2-1 method (search this site, or check the Unofficial Hornfans Recipe Collection, posted above). Good luck, and good job on convincing The Man that good meat takes precedence over extreme fire risk to high density apartment dwellers.

    EDIT: Ag beat me to the punch. He speaks the truth.
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    buy yourself some cow rib.
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    I just got a charcoal webber grill so the 3-2-1 method sounds like a real winner to me. thanks guys!
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    correction: my grill will not allow indirect heat/smoking. its just a simple webber. ive got a buddy whos got real nice pit that i may use. is there a good recipe for a basic charcoal grill?
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    You can do indirect heat on any grill. Just put the coals to on side or on either side leaving no heat beneath the meat. Before I had a smoker w/ fire box this was the method I used on an old kettle grill.
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