Rice = Two and 'Cue ...

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Barton Hills, May 22, 2008.

  1. Barton Hills

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    Owls go 0-2 and a BBQ ...

    Rice - 2
    UAB - 8

    Rice - 3
    ECU - 4

    I think they had won 22 of 23 going into this Tourney.

    Florida Gators, who were regarded as a possible host, also get eliminated in the SEC Tourney courtesy of Vandy and South Carolina. May hurt their chances.
  2. Most of these coaches couldn't care less about winning the conference tournament, unless they have to do it to get in. I'd bet most coaches would rather have it done away with.
  3. At Ease

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    Graham really cared about winning it. The Owls just got beat. The team looked flat and made too many mental mistakes... part of which might be attributable to staying in NOLA for a week now, given last week's series vs. Tulane.

    I still think the Owls get a national seed, but doubt the committee will do the team any favors now... so I'm expecting a 2-seed of Texas, a 3-seed of DBU, and a 4-seed of Texas Southern... the teams we would least like to see in Houston.
  4. Barton Hills

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    I fully expect to see Texas in either Houston/Baton Rouge come next weekend.

    And most coaches DO care about these tourneys, especially teams like Florida who are trying to secure a Regional.

    They did themselves no favors.
  5. Thorp

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    Agree. The coaches do definitely care about winning.

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    For those in the know is it really out of the question that a 36-20 Texas would not host as a two seed. The bid should be competitive and with aggy imploding no reason why Austin isnt on the table as a viable site.
  7. RollingwoodHorn

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    Even with aggy's implosion, there is no way Texas should host over A&M after the season's each have had.
  8. campwillben

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    Sorry about your milkshake, Rice.
  9. bassale47

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    A&M will host. It's not like it's going to come down to them or Texas. They're just, in all likelihood, not going to be a national seed, and they shouldn't be.

    Texas is still in contention for a host as a 2-seed, but losing that first game to Missouri did not help. If you're a borderline regional host going into the conference tournament (which most experts, including Augie Garrido, believed Texas was), it is absolutely critical to win at least your first two games. So we'll see what happens.
  10. Barton Hills

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