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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by blueag09, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. blueag09

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    So the Rick Barnes wiki needed some attention, so I figured I could give a shot at cleaning the article up:

    1) Old version

    2) Current version

    Not much change other than the coaching record. Can someone verify the poll rankings for Texas? The UT website doesn't list any postseason rankings, so I'm not sure if they are all correct. I also didn't find the Clemson's Coaches Poll ranking for the 96-97 season.

    I'll work on the article more later.
  2. Bob in Houston

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    The final poll rankings are in the UT media guide. Which ones are you looking for?

    Update: Texas was unranked in the final AP poll of '98-99.
    Texas was ranked 16th in the final coaches poll of '06-07
  3. blueag09

    blueag09 250+ Posts

    do you have the link for the media guide? I just don't have the rankings from 1998-02 and his Coaches Poll ranking that one season at Clemson.
  4. Bob in Houston

    Bob in Houston 2,500+ Posts

    I posted the variations between UT's data and the wiki. I don't think Texas ever has posted its media guides.

    The Clemson rankings, you'd probably have to get from the Clemson site, although I do have a place to find AP rankings.

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