Riots in Minneapolis

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Crockett, May 27, 2020.

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    What about a dollar figure?
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    But, which is more contagious and spreads faster?
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    you're kidding me here. we all pass along our aggy humor. we got it from our parents. our children will know it. our need to discuss aggy and sheep is deeply rooted, and won't change. my kids know the right way to spell aggy.

    my daughter when discussing schools her senior year..."well, i knew better than to look at or apply to ou. that's gross.

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    The problem I see for blacks is that they will go out and protest and some will even destroy property to get their point across. What they won't do is stop voting for Democrats. Why should Dem politicians do anything to repair the situation when they know that blacks will vote for them anyway?
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    The question is: When there are differing reports, do you trust the park police or clergy and VIDEO?
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    Why did it take so long?

    I don't know. Why don't you ask your Democratic governor, mayor, AG, local prosecutor, etc...
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    I’m happy I’m attracting new posters. Welcome.
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  9. Horn6721

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    Since Chauvin had 10 complaints why was he even still a policeman?
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    I think a large part of the problem boils down to whether the various issues black Americans face are "systemic". I think they are, and the only way to cure the problems is to fix the system.

    To clarify, I'm using "systemic" in the dictionary sense "of, relating to, or common to a system". A problem can be "systemic" without being ubiquitous, or even widespread. It just means that the problem is caused by the structure of the overall system.

    Consider, for example, the racial disparities in criminal convictions. As @Mr. Deez points out, a large component of this stems from the fact that black Americans tend to lack the resources needed to defend themselves in court. That is a systemic problem. Until we fix that, black Americans will continue to feel that the system is stacked against them -- because it is. And it is incumbent on us as a society -- not them as victims -- to fix it.

    Also, I have little doubt that @Mr. Deez is also right when he says blacks commit a disproportionate share of crimes in the US. Liberals don't like to hear this, but it is true. But this is traceable to deficiencies in America's economic, familial, and educational systems.

    At the end of the day, education is the key. If we don't fix inequities in education, the system will continue to be stacked against blacks Americans.

    I understand that, to a very large degree, black parents are responsible for their kids' poor educations. But this isn't about assigning blame. It is about fixing problems. Black kids deserve to have the problem fixed, even if their parents don't. And if we don't fix the problem, it will just get worse with each succeeding generation.

    I also understand that the system is not SO stacked that success is impossible. We all know stories about a poor, black kid who achieved fantastic success. That's awesome, and a true testament to his or her grit, luck, or whatever. But not all black kids are able to win a race despite giving a head start to the other kids. It isn't fair to put that burden on them, and it isn't realistic to expect them to accept their fate when they lose an unfair race.

    These are problems that will take multiple generations to fix. We were on the right trajectory from, say, 1950 to 2000,* but we have been backsliding since them. If we don't get back on track, discontent in the black community will continue to grow, and occasionally boil over.

    * I put exactly zero thought into these rough dates. I don't mean to imply anything about any particular dates or events.
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    The other guilty police officers in the George Floyd case were: Asian, Hispanic, and wait for it... wait for it... Black.
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    It isn't incumbent on society. It would take fascistic social engineering that would produce way more problems, including for blacks, than we have today.

    Also, we Democrat politicians have been redistributing money to black communities since the 60s. That's 80 years. The problem isn't not enough money or not trying to fix problems. The problem is that the government can't and won't solve societies problems.
  13. Mr. Deez

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    X, it saddens me too. Like I mentioned at the very beginning of this, the killing of George Floyd is something that should be unifying. I literally don't know anybody who doesn't condemn what was done to him, and frankly, I can't think of a scenario that would justify the officer's actions. He killed Floyd needlessly. It wouldn't matter if Floyd was resisting. It wouldn't matter if Floyd had just murdered somebody. He needs to go to the slammer for a long time, and the City of Minneapolis needs to write out a check to Floyd's family.

    The problem is that for many, standing up and supporting the idea that we're created equal isn't enough. We're expected to shout or at least concur with a lot of false narratives, and I'm simply not willing to do that. I am willing to consider specific policy proposals, but nobody seems to be offering that.

    Lives are more important than property, but I fail to see the case that destroying the property at issue saves lives. Quite the contrary, it's putting lives at risk. I'm also not going to do the legitimate protesters the disservice of lumping them all together. Even if I think the protesters' assumptions are blatantly wrong, they have the right to assemble and speak, and the overwhelming majority of them are doing so responsibly. However, the few who are destroying property, assaulting people, and sometimes killing people are to be condemned. They are out of line.

    Respectfully, the Boston Tea Party comparison isn't particularly good. First, with the Tea party, there was a connection between the wrongdoer and the property destroyed. The British East India Company (who owned the tea) was a massive and politically powerful enterprise with a royal charter. They didn't directly impose the Tea Act, but their buddies and people supported by them did. There is no connection between an AutoZone or a local convenience store and police brutality.

    Second, the Tea Party participants had no representation and no way to effectively petition their government to repeal the Tea Act. Civil disobedience was all they had. That is not true of those who protest police actions. They are citizens with the rights and ability to petition their government and vote. They are also not politically weak. We're mostly talking about people protesting local police practices in heavily Democratic cities. Within the Democratic party, blacks are extremely powerful. (Ask Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.) Certainly at the local level, they have the power to effectuate change. They don't have to destroy a Target to make it happen.
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    Charges upgraded on murderer cop from 3rd degree to 2nd degree murder. I have no feelings for him. I have no problem with a cop getting what he deserves.

    Why can't it be that simple?

    My only concern is over-charging the cop. Can they get a conviction? We absolutely need a conviction or the **** we've been cussing and discussing will only look like foreplay.
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    Right. Are they going for higher charges because of the mob mentality and riots? If so, that's not good.
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    Oh I get it, passing along stories about slavery is the same as being a slave since, magically, the collective memory of black people is greater than everyone else's.

    I have been wondering why I want to attack the tyrannical Englishmen that originally colonized my country. Now I know the reason. Who would have thought that high school history class could have such a powerful psychological impact? Fuggin lymies.
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    Difficult to could be he actually paid attention to Trump and the need to call it like it is sometimes...there is NO way he could have said the situation was well-managed. Even Cuomo knows that NYC was a complete ****-show due to the mismanagement...although he ALSO is making it clear that he knows he needs to have the front-line personnel for any possible chance at re-election.

    At least he wasn't stupid enough to be like the Rep who, on a hot mic, stated he was only there because he was being primary'ed...I suspect that one is going to have regrets very soon in the election cycle.
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  18. mb227

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    Remember that they were stuck with an outright acquittal on second-degree with the cop that pulled the trigger from close range and pumped a bullet into the chest of the deceased. If THAT didn't meet the criteria in the eyes of a jury, then Chauvin is not going to be convicted of second-degree murder.
  19. horninchicago

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    I hope you are right and he is actually on the level. Schumer still praised all those jokers for their handling of Covid even though every outside reasonable observer could see that was a disaster.
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    It's next to impossible to fix a problem for a child if his or her parents don't want it fixed, are indifferent to it being fixed, or simply aren't present to know what the problem is.

    Education is obviously a big problem, but education only works if mom and dad ensure that it does. Somebody has to make sure the kid shows up to school, behaves in school, cares about school, and studies. All the education improvement in the world isn't going to make that happen. Only mom and dad can.
  21. mb227

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    And what in the video tells you whether it is a smoke cannister or a CS cannister? Answer- not a damned thing. Smoke and pepper balls will actually generate more tears than CS cannisters...
  22. bystander

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    It could be. And a politically motivated DA would probably get more mileage out of an acquittal than a conviction on a lessor charge. The DA could signal the desire while cynically opting for the risk of losing the case.
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    We need to f**k those blokes up
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    Drew Brees is catching it for saying he respects the flag.

    This is the main problem; you're either thinking in exact lockstep with Colin Kaepernick including all methods of protest regardless of tactical effectiveness or you're against the entire message of black lives matter.

    Why can't you be in favor of a complete conviction of the cops and respect the flag at the same time? This common ground of finding room for patriotism and justice under the umbrella of the flag is CRITICAL.
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    Brees has proven time and time again to be nothing but a white supremacist racist.

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    2 reasons:

    1. Ignorance of the real definition and use / context of the word.
    2. It conveniently fits their narrative

    Use of the word shows ignorance if you want to claim that the whole system: laws, law enforcement, the judiciary / court system and penal system are all designed, managed and actions carried out to be racist against blacks or minorities.
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  27. WorsterMan

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    As someone else posted, he needs the Fed dough $ and eventually will have his hand out again.

    New York and NYC are flat broke and it is going to get a whole lot worse soon.

    Both will be begging for billions in bailout monies.
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    Sounds like those who continue to use the word fascism or (pick the label of the month) in relation to any conservative leader.
    A. They can't even define the word
    B. They clearly lack historical context and understanding of fascism and other related philosophies in practice

    With an accurate understanding of the pitiful, cruddy, and dangerous political philosophies the Eastern world, Europe, and others have seen it is easy to see the modern day Democratic Party of the USA is, in actuality, closest to resembling and being in position for implementation of the sort
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  29. horninchicago

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    They'll get it and go back to criticizing Trump and the Fed.

    Rinse. Repeat.
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