Riots in Minneapolis

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Crockett, May 27, 2020.

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  2. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    ? The headline called it police brutality but the story is one dude with an AK 47 walks up to a car so the dude in the car shoots the AK 47 guy
    And that is police brutality?
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    Body Cam Footage of Floyd's Arrest Leaked

    Police body-cam video from the George Floyd arrest. As I have said on here many times, police "racism" is mostly just their own experience in dealing with people who lie to them and do not do what they say to do. I can't believe anybody wants to be a police officer anymore.
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    Gun sales are already through the roof
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  6. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    I did not open link but their headline made me :lmao:
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    Wow. I've been saying long before the Floyd killing and riots that this year's Dem convention might end up like Chicago 1968, complete with violence. Looks like it's going to happen.

    The nature of the Democratic Party is, and seemingly has always been, a coalition party. The coalition changes over the decades, but it's still a coalition party. The problem is that the coalition(s) have disparate, and sometimes incompatible, elements, ideologies, priorities, and beliefs that come into conflict. Such conflict can boil over at the convention. If the Dem convention goes forward, I can't see it being pretty on the streets outside.
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    Agree. It's a miracle they havent killed each other yet
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    Here is Carlson discussing the leaked cam footage of Floyd
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    There is no way Chauvin is guilty of murder. He may still be convicted depending on the jury though.

    Even manslaughter looks debatable to me. If George Floyd was already having trouble breathing and he had OD levels of fentanyl in his blood, he may have died anyway. Maybe it happened a couple of hours earlier due to the policeman, but not sure he makes it to the next morning either way. Super sad.
  12. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    2003 was joking but leftists pols AOC for one and media have said that the protestors are only looting to feed their families.
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    That represents someone's life, hopes and dreams. Democrats don't give a damn either.
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    Can anyone blame them?
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    I see the Downtown Council of Minneapolis is worried that 45 or so businesses have made public their intentions to leave. Also, lots of downtown condo owners want to bail for the suburbs. I guess people want a safe environment to live and work in. Imagine that?
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    It's interesting, if you look at how Minnesota is so liberal, it's more to do with the twin cities than the whold state. In fact the vast majority of the state is Red with just the twin cities being blue. I'm feeling pretty confident that the state of Minnesota is going to go red in the coming election.
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    Gunny needs to get his *** to Portland quick.

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  20. BrntOrngStmpeDe

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    maybe we call these "economic zones of Non-Opportunity" now. Can you imagine what kind of crazy incentive packages it would ever take to get development in a black neighborhood now. Heck, I bet even the black biz owners don't want to be in black neighborhoods now.
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  21. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad Trying this out.

    Now now, the community peace patrol will ensure that all is well.
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    And the reason for the riots was a drug addict who was going to die anyway without any police interference.
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  24. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad Trying this out.

    You'd think as a society we would be better. That video is going to get all 4 cops acquitted and then BLM and Antifa are going to start riots all over again.

    People are so stupid. Emotions first, facts later.
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    Probably like most "Blue" states. IL for damn sure.
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    Here is some video from Portland.

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    Feet or Knees
    by Bystander

    Are we real
    Or just an ideal?
    America, old and taut
    Can't be bought
    Just the people
    Least that's what I say

    We the people
    On the streets
    Under a steeple
    What do they want
    A Joe Biden
    A Donald Trump

    Is it so when the man
    Puts money in your hand
    Or is it in your heart
    Where love and hate start
    What is the message
    America's wreckage

    Whosoever would hate
    Sea from shining sea
    Can they ever be free
    When their injured minds
    Hear's no anthem
    Only oppressions ransom

    And what of the rest
    As the seas crest
    Above their heart
    Can they ever understand
    That a nation is free
    On its feet or wounded knee

    But how will we come together?
    By prayer or angry weather?
    Empathy or resentment
    An open mind's contentment
    Is it in our manifest destiny
    To calm our stormy sea?
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    Cops getting acquitted is just an excuse they are looking for, the riots are the goal. They want to destroy this country and what they don't understand is they are going to go too far and come at people in their homes and a lot of people are going to die. We are not going to allow people to just attack our neighbors in our homes, we might die from the rioters but I guarantee we will take out a lot more of them they they will of us. Especially in the smaller towns and suburbs. Honestly, it's not worth it to think you can attack a man in his home and think we won't fight back.

    Besides, long before we even get to a trial, there will be major fighting in the streets due to the election. We have raised a generation of princesses, both boys and girls who have no concept of consequences for their actions. They are going to push and we are going to eventually fight back.

    The best part about living in San Antonio, we are home to one of the largest communities of retired veterans and active duty soldiers and I guarantee they won't put up with this kind of **** here.
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    I believe that - consequently I have bought two new guns I wanted for quite some time and my excuse? Potential home defense.
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    I already had quite the collection before all of this bs. But, I've also added a couple of new ones as well. I will never forget after Obama was elected- seeing the T-shirt with his photo on it. The caption underneath read "Gun Salesman of the Year!"
    I think gun sales are even more brisk now.

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