Riots in Minneapolis

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Crockett, May 27, 2020.

  1. 2003TexasGrad

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    The problem is you can make that assumption because the media only talks about cherry picked incidents where a white cop shoots a black person and never talks about any other situation.
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  2. theiioftx

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    Ever notice that you can eat a Whataburger in Katy, but then get another one in Houston and it tastes different? Why isn’t every situation the same? Obviously, racism.
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  3. mb227

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    You would think someone that claimed to have been in a position to clean up on $GME put options and was therefore swimming in cash could afford some nominal amount...unless they had been less that correct about how to play the options market and had a huge margin call...
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  4. mb227

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    Police cannot win with people like you...if the officer in the specific situation did not believe he needed to use deadly force, he gets called out for NOT using deadly force but had he pulled his weapon and fired, you and your ilk would have been whining about why deadly force was used instead of some manner of less-than-lethal option...
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  5. 2003TexasGrad

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    Every time Tom Brady throws an interception I can easily say why he shouldn't have made that throw.

    Should Tommy be cut from the team because he made a bad mistake and should have known better given his vast experience playing the QB experience over many years and playing against virtually every defensive scheme known to man?

    Police play a far more dangerous game than football. Throwing one interception is tantamount to shooting someone accidentally or in a high pressure situation where his or her own life may be ended or threatened.

    We really need to keep this I mind. However, the race batters have found a political weapon that they know will inevitably be available to them to cudgel us all with because mistakes and high pressure situations will always happen in a country of 330M people.
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  6. AustinHorn24

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    You got me all wrong.

    The white dude in the car who grabbed his gun should have had 10+ rounds put in him immediately.

    I'm arguing for equal opportunity shots fired.

    There's a blatant racial double standard here -- cops generally consider black folks more of a threat and react accordingly.

    When a mob of 3000 white people stormed the capitol building, exactly 1 shot was fired. If it was a mob of 3000 black people there would have been bodies laying all over the capitol steps.

    I'm not arguing for black perps to get a pass, I'm arguing for more white perps to be shot.
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  7. OUBubba

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    Also, while it's sad that the 13 year old was shot, it appears that he had a gun and it was a reasonable reaction to do what happened. See, I can support cops having to make tough decisions in the heat of the moment.
  8. mchammer

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    How come the fedex shooter is not being reported?
  9. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad 10,000,000+ Posts

    More white people get shot by police than black people. It's something like twice as many. Now why do you think that happens?

    Yes we all know about the statistic that says a black person is 2 and a 1/2 times more likely overall to be shot by police but are a variety of reasons for that that have nothing to do with police being racist. I cannot believe you are even making this argument.

    So I ask you why are so many white people shot and killed by police? The numbers are there. If you do not believe me look it up. If police shoot unarmed black people because they are simply racist then why do they shoot so many more unarmed white people? Please answer that specific question.
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  10. mb227

    mb227 2,500+ Posts

    1) does not fit the narrative
    2) FedEx is having to explain to a LOT of agencies how someone with a gun got into that compound given the claim that employees have to be bused in and go through screening.

    With the proximity to the airport, I am wondering if the shooter had a SIDA badge, which would have enabled some bypass capabilities...
  11. iatrogenic

    iatrogenic 2,500+ Posts

    Maybe these will make you happy......
  12. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Haa, what a hoot! Apparent rocks and bricks do have a home there.

    Love the ACAB - all cops are ********, when the leftst fucks who write that would be hanging from hooks without the Democrat leadership ordering cops to protect them against normal citizens.
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  13. theiioftx

    theiioftx Sponsor Deputy

    So there is video of the 13 year old in Chicago firing off his gun multiple times around 3am.

    He then ran from police responding to the 911 call running with a pistol. As sad as it is, you cannot blame the cop.

    I have an idea. Find the boy’s Dad and charge him. He is at fault.
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  14. 2003TexasGrad

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    If it was up to the squad and their ridiculous followers there would be no police so that kid and his adult friend would have been free to shoot guns in the neighborhood unimpeded.
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  15. Monahorns

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    This is actually 100% false. There is a professor from Michigan St. that tests police departments to check for racial bias. His results have never shown bias, ever.

    He started thinking that there was bias and he wanted to uncover it. But there isn't any. So he changed his mind while still doing tests to see what he finds.
  16. Horn2RunAgain

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    No. He got Bomar'd, and I L'dMAO the rest of the day.

    Ashley Babbitt was unarmed. Unarmed WOMAN. Yet she was shot in the head. Stop with the terrorist ****. Terrorists have weapons of war or mass destruction. She had no weapon
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  17. theiioftx

    theiioftx Sponsor Deputy

    Anyone who buys into the “insurrection” narrative is a useful idiot of the Democrat party. They also get caught up in the race baiting effort on policing and voting. Some are good people - just gullible lap dogs. They generally come from the blue dog democrat legacy where most racists lived in the 60’s and 70’s.
  18. Run Pincher

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    Black folks more of a threat?? The fact is that during a confrontation with law enforcement a white person is twice a likely to shot as a black person. Facts don't lie, but liberals do. When blacks start committing crime at 10x the rate as whites then maybe the rate will be even.

    I'm responding to this because I talked to a friend last night who lives the the Chicago burbs. She has a 30 yr old son who has some questionable friends. So him (white) and 2 black friends were out and a crime was committed. All 3 were arrested and put in the cook county jail. The 2 blacks were released immediately. Her son has been in jail for 5 months. He doesn't even know what crime he has been charged with. He has been in front of a judge 3x and each time the judge issues a continuance and back to jail he goes. He has never had a chance to plead his case or even be told what he's been charged with. He says one of the blacks committed the crime, I'm sure the black person said he did.

    Meanwhile, he see's the blacks that get put in with him immediately released every time. That's a revolving door. In and out immediately. Even if he did commit the crime (very unlikely) he is still supposed to have rights. But he has none because he's white. Unfortunately he doesn't get black privilege. Oh, and he was also beat to a bloody pulp by the others in the jail.

    On top of this, my friend has been a life long democrat. Although she didn't vote for biden because she has common sense and could see the facism coming.

    Too bad the woke white don't know what it's like to be a poor white and live in the rough a tough real world and see what's really going on. I wonder what it's like living in that bubble.
  19. lkainer

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    Wasn't she wearing a Trump cape as well?
  20. horninchicago

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    Wow, I haven't seen Bomared in years and I just posted about it in Worster's 2005 Texas-ou thread.
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  21. lkainer

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    I think the greatest and most damaging lie of my lifetime has been the new racism lie perpetrated by Obama. The democrats realized that his election proved that racism is basically a thing of the past and that they might lose control of the black vote. To counter this Obama and the media started pushing the police executing blacks lie along with the systemic racism lie.

    Its hard to believe that the first black president could actually pull that off.
    Almost every example of police executing blacks has turned out to be a criminal shot while committing a crime and/or resisting arrest. The media always withholds the details about the victims criminal history to drive their narrative. When the criminal history comes out it is written off as "racism".
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  22. horninchicago

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    But, he had a Beer Summit. So brilliant.
  23. Horn6721

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    That should read ObamaS. She is as bad or worse than he is.
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  24. HornHuskerDad

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    GREAT SUMMARY! :bow:
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  25. mb227

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    Well, it IS they pretty much DO tend to be unimpeded. The media doesn't care about most of those killed in Chicago since the shooter doesn't fit the narrative.
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  26. AustinHorn24

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    Let me guess, you have lots of black friends too right?

    Why don't you ask them what they think?
  27. lkainer

    lkainer 250+ Posts

    I have and most of them agree with my statement. So does this guy.

    Moving the goal post on racism
  28. AustinHorn24

    AustinHorn24 250+ Posts

    Where does it say in that article that racism no longer exists in the United States?
  29. horninchicago

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  30. Sangre Naranjada

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    Indeed. Just ignore the mooch troll like I did.
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