RIP Bea Arthur

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by TxStHorn, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. TxStHorn

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    A favorite of many a hornfans poster, it seems, has passed away.


  2. GhostOfTomJoad

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    She was a very talented actor. RIP Bea.
  3. smwhorn

    smwhorn Guest

    In the early 70s, Maude tackled some very controversial issues that really hadn't been addressed on tv -- abortion, alcoholism, suicide. The show was pulled by several stations for a time period. RIP.
  4. Holden

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    RIP Bea. You made me laugh.

    TXSNOS 1,000+ Posts

    God will get you for that, Walter.

  6. Texanne

    Texanne 5,000+ Posts

    More importantly, she made people think. She was an amazing woman. I am very sad right now.
  7. Hornius Emeritus

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    Her interactions with Carroll O'Connor on All in the Family were classic stuff.
  8. WorsterMan

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    She made me LOL too. She took on some pretty cutting-edge issues at the time. RIP.
  9. Orangesweat

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  10. CottonEyedHorn

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    RIP Femputer.
  11. THEU

    THEU 2,500+ Posts

    Truly a great actress. I am a bit younger so I remember her mainly on Golden Girls. Who ever thought a young male would be so taken by a show with 4 retired ladies! It was great. RIP.
  12. ACuriae

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    I'll always remember her for her role in The Star Wars Christmas Special...and the references to her nude pictures in Airheads.
  13. Ramathorn

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  14. GatorHorn

    GatorHorn 250+ Posts

    "Archie... you're a loud, bald, fat man."

    Truly an actress who new how to deliver a line with perfect timing.

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