RIP Jim Bertelsen

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by hornde68, May 7, 2021.

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    Jim actually passed on May 7. His remains were cremated. Thomason Funeral Home in Wimberly handled the remains.

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    May 7th, not May 6th.

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    Too many players from that era passing away lately.

    Worster and Koy were bangers. He was the "go all the way" threat in the wishbone in '69. His all around ability kept him in the NFL for awhile, he blocked for Lawrence McCutcheon and had over 800 NFL yards rushing himself one year.

    RIP Jim.
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    More amazing Bertleson:

    On the play with the big block, he got up and ran down to make another block and had a man T'd up at the goal line but he noticed Koy was down so he took a knee! He contained himself. Then he ran straight back to line up in the backfield. So physical and cerebral all in the same play.
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