RIP Tiffany “Treetop” Jackson

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by dawood, Oct 3, 2022.

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    Prayers for the family….especially Marley!!
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  3. HornView

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    RIP Tiff
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  4. LutherIsMyDog

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    I was not aware her cancer returned. She was just recently named the HC of Wylie College.

    She was a certainly a warrior. I’ll always be able to picture her radiant smile.
    Horns Up for Ms Jackson. :e-hookem:
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  5. brnkj

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    Heard about this early this afternoon... wasn't sure if it were true and obviously hoped it wasn't. When I realized I hadn't seen any Twitter activity from her for a few weeks I was very concerned. So sad...
    Rest in Love, Tiff. :pray-hands:
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  6. kurupt

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    God Bless. I remember how excited I was when she committed to Texas.
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  7. hoopsalot

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    RIP Tiffany.
  8. UTExinPDX

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    RIP Tiffany.
  9. GameOfHorns

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    RIP Ms. Jackson :hookem:
  10. Bobcat

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    Like @brnkj , I heard about this early afternoon. I followed Tiffany in high school and went to her college announcement party. She was an exceptional player and person. Knew her father through a softball teammate who graduated with Marcus. Was always glad to run into her. She always had that smile and a hug. Such a loss…
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  11. justabbfan

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    Gone much too young. Loved watching her play. Godspeed Tiffany and RIP.
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  12. Sangre Naranjada

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    Rest in peace, Tiffany.
  13. Bucksgal

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    Such unfortunate news. She was a tremendous player and remarkable person.
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  14. cynt

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    RIP Tiff.
  15. justabbfan

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    I live in east Texas where Wylie College is located. The local news (KYTX) had a story about Tiffany’s passing and showed some film of her working out her team(not sure when it was filmed). I saw a familiar face, Joyner, helping out. Glad she was there to support Tiff in her new gig. A few Wylie players were interviewed and had good things to say about their new coach and the knowledge and enthusiasm she had brought to them in such a short time.
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  16. HornView

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    It was apparent from Joyner’s post on Instagram those two were very close and she’s was devastated
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  17. WorsterMan

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    Very sad...

    RIP Tiffany, you are UT BB icon.

    :hookem: :hookem:
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  18. Statalyzer

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    Loved watching her while I was a student, battling Sophia Young and Courtney Paris in the post. Had a big hand in getting us the win in Jody Conradt's final home game.

    Found out the other day that a friend I played on some intramural co-ed teams with played against her in high school once. Her summary was "I made the mistake of driving to the rim against her and she sent my shot back to the opposite free-throw line, then beat everyone down the court to recover it first and get an easy layup"
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  19. Sangre Naranjada

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