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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by HTownBevo, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. HTownBevo

    HTownBevo 250+ Posts

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  2. NRHorn

    NRHorn 2,500+ Posts

    Watching LSU drive the final nail in a Colleyville coffin and a KU win would be a great end to this weekend
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  3. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    Don't get me wrong, I will be rooting HARD for LSU. I just don't want to see Jimbo's coffin nailed shut any time soon. I want aggy to keep him there and keep extending his contract. He's the perfect coach for them, if we could only convince those goobers to see it.
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  4. Horn6721

    Horn6721 10,000+ Posts

    Well there is that.
    So a close game but LSU wins
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  5. MeatHeadHorn

    MeatHeadHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Aggy keeping it close enough for a moral victory would be the perfect compromise. Make it much easier to keep Jimbo. Almost beating Alabama and LSU in the same season would be an intoxicating amount of ‘almost morale’ for Aggy.
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  6. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    6721 and Meathead,

    Added bonus comes from watching them get so hopeful within the game, only to have Lucy pull the football away - yet again. It's like that roller coaster cartoon compressed into 3 or four glorious hours of aggy misery.
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  7. MeatHeadHorn

    MeatHeadHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Have we been in this position in a while? Rooting for another team at end of season for a chance at another game? Trying to think of a rain dance or something.

    We just lost so much room for error with Tech loss but not going to dwell on it.
  8. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Yup, for TEXAS fans:

    Bird is the word today!


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  9. HTownBevo

    HTownBevo 250+ Posts

    Aggie Fr QB Weigman out of Cy-Fair Bridgelands looks like real deal
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  10. militaryhorn

    militaryhorn Prediction Contest Guru

    I told y'all, this game would be done by the end if the 1st qtr.
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  11. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    KU gains 4! Coming back!
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  12. Garmel

    Garmel 5,000+ Posts

    We're so ******.
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  13. MeatHeadHorn

    MeatHeadHorn 1,000+ Posts

    Hey they are within 9. Get rid of special teams errors and get 2 stops
  14. havoc7701

    havoc7701 Sponsor and Aggy Ridiculer

    Atrocious tackling by KU this KSU drive.
  15. Texas Lawhorn

    Texas Lawhorn 100+ Posts

    It’s so sad that the Longhorns will be sitting at home to a team they beat. Thanks Sark!
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  16. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad Son of a Motherless Goat

    Ah yes. Shades of 2008.
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  17. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    That was Sark's fault, too.
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