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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Stuck_At_Work, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Stuck_At_Work

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    Are we in for a long stretch of mediocrity? Just curious what y'all have to say.
  2. Bill_McNeal

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    Put me down as a thinking we're in for a long stretch of above-averageness.

    The club has just enough tradition and just enough location bonus to attract some quality free agents. Couple that with above average ownership, management and coaching, and I think it's a reasonable goal to consistently finish in the 3-6 range, with occasional forays perhaps into the top 2 and 7-lottery spots.

    We won't get the glamor discounts for free agents that you see in places like LA and Boston and New York (and Miami to a lesser extent), but teams like Detroit and San Antonio have done very well in the same environment.

    Unfortunately, the only way to get the truly elite players to come to a place like Houston is to get them via lottery, and the quality of the club in general from the front office to the court isn't likely to land us there, unless the wheels really come off.

    Which, given the ****** luck the franchise has had over the past 5-6 years, isn't out of the question.

    With the salary cap dropping this year, and likely even more so next year, it's going to be really touchy for the next couple of seasons. I don't think the Rockets will be able to spend their way out of the current predicament, no matter how wisely they've worked the cap of late.

    Incidentally, put me down as thinking the 2010 free agent season isn't going to be nearly as epic as the current thinking goes. A continued frail general economy and the attendant constricting cap will suppress a lot of movement, IMO. If the Rockets are smart - and I think they are - they can make that work for them.
  3. NickDanger

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    Curious what you mean by "location bonus"?
  4. hudsonhorn

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    Simple answer to the initial question: "Yes".
  5. Statalyzer

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    If they can keep Brooks, Battier, Ariza, Landry, and Scola around, that's a very good collection of role players needing a go-to guy. If I were a star player looking for a new team, that'd be a group of guys I'd want to play alongside.
  6. BrothaHorn

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    Yep..the Rockets have a few more years of bad mojo to work off, for dumping Hakeem
  7. HTownSmitty

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    it seems likely that the 2009-10 season is going to suck, but with the cap room the Rox will have available when T-Mac's and Yao's contracts are gone (assuming that Yao will either retire or sign elsewhere) and the smarts we have in the FO, i think a speedy return to contender status is a good possibility.
  8. Bill_McNeal

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  9. Horn69

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  10. Bill_McNeal

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    Dude ... not a bit of my post was devoted to talking about how Houston was better than San Antonio or Dallas on those points.

    It was a comparison to the entire league, and please note that the exact phrase I used was

  11. Horn69

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  12. Das Mook

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    There are tons of players who live come to Houston in the off-season and own homes here. I believe Shaq owns a house in Fort Bend.

    The pick-up games at Westside Tennis (Mattress Mac owns it) are supposed to be incredible.
  13. 3_yard-out

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  14. Ramathorn

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    I think alot of us love the diverse urban cities (SF and NYC, LA, etc). But alot of these guys are from these types of cities and I think they kind of like the sprawl that is Houston. Many on this board love to talk about living downtown, in a dense core, but rich famous people likely prefer a big house away from everyone.

    Don't underrate the lack of state income tax. It's a big deal to the wealthy.
  15. Ramathorn

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    I also don't think these guys care about a diverse community and crap like that. Likely not very worried about the hurricanes either. I read where 80% of them end up broke after they're finished playing, so maybe they should pay attention to housing costs.

    I'm also not sure Houston is really that more diverse than Toronto.
  16. Texdoc

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    The fact that Shaq owns a house in Houston, but would rather play in Cleveland than 4 the rockets pretty much validates Horn 69's point.

    HOOK 'EM,
    Texdoc [​IMG]
  17. Joe Fan

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    Did Shaq have the choice of coming to Houston? You must have some good sources because Ive never heard that one.
  18. CanaTigers

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    There is no way I can see them in the playoffs next year and it will take some major roster moves to get back.
  19. They'll miss the playoffs this year but with Morey as GM I think they can be good again in a short while.
  20. GoHornsGo90

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    Houston is a piece of **** city, I can't imagine wanting to live there if you actually had a choice. I mean, it's not Oklahoma City bad but basically every coastal area and many in between have it beat. I don't really get that comment I guess is what I'm saying...
  21. HornTYS

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    I don't think it will be a long stretch of mediocrity, but next year is looking to be rough. I have enough faith in Morey not to do anything drastic and offer ridiculous contracts to mediocre players.

    Cato, Maloney, Mike James, et al.

    We have a down year this coming year but I imagine it will quickly be turned around. With T-Mac's expiring contract either coming of the Rockets books or if they're able to move that contract and still get some decent players in return 09-10 might turn out better than expected.

    I'll wait a while before making my call, but yes....right now it looks bleak for 09-10

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