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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Roger, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Buying "Made in the USA"

    Figured since your signature is about made in the USA, you might have some appreciation for this article and the realities of the world we now live in.
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    Thanks for the OP. After reading the linked article, which is quite limited in it's entirety, following are some observations:

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    I know there are very few people who agree with me on this one, but I am not on board with the "Buy American" movement.

    To me, consumers should seek the best value for their money. If the Chinese product is better (or cheaper) than the American product, the Chinese one should get the business. That will encourage marketplace efficiencies, as the American manufacturer either improves its product, or goes out of business. There are many, many things we do better than others, and our economy will thrive if we focus on those things. By giving American companies incentives to engage in industries in which they aren't truly competitive, we aren't helping anyone.
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    I bought a Toyota for the first time this week. The local Ford dealership admitted their service dept had to have a good deal of them fired for trumping up business. You take it in and they fix it but something else is broken when you pick it up.

    Yea, they will fix it under extended warranty but who has time for that crap.

    Hopefully the Toyota will have better quality control since the spotlight has been on them the past couple of years.

    You have to have a quality product and understand that your customer service is just as important if you want repeat business. I didn't tell them, Ford, I wouldn't be back but haven't been back.

    Buy the best overall deal in this economy that is highly integrated.
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    Zork, your Toyota was assembled in Ohio most likely with parts and steel from surrounding states. Now some the technological parts may not be from the US but I'm not sure those similar parts in a Ford are either.
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    Oh man, this is so hard to take:

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    It's only inevitable if a city continues to elect dems/libs. They suck the self reliance right out of everything ( Chicago, Detroit, D.C., New Orleans, L.A.........(need I go on?) .
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    "The only thing I take eception to is the "cheaper" part of this statement. Just cause something is cheaper does not mean it is better. More than likely the cheaper product wont last as long and isn't made very well."

    Hard to tell a products quality from the pricing angle. Example: Home Depot 3/8" oversize washers = .25 each......local Houston fastener house = .03 each. Big Box (Home Depot, Lowes, Grainger, etc.) is completely un-American on much of their pricing (my opinion).

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