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    I know, comes up every year but here goes:
    what are the parking recommendations for parking from the experts. I was able to use Handicap (was fantastic) for the wife few years ago and got free parking at one of the lots last year (no not going to tell how) so wanting to see where I can park that is not $60. Taking the train from downtown is the best but we have to be leaving (driving) right after game
    One poster some time ago talked about an area of residential entrepreneurs but cannot remember his directions.
    So, any suggestions?
    Thanks and BTHoOU
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    I think it is Gate 7. Use valet parking. The extra charge is worth it.

    Get there EARLY. Have your tickets ready. Walk past the free dental care for Sooner fans. Go past Big Tex and get your Flecther's Corny Dog and Beer / Soda. You will have another Fletcher's, correct? DO NOT respond with a No. Do not put ketchup on your Corny Dog. Your degree might be revoked, or worse it might read University of Oklahoma. We don't want that.

    You are just steps away from the sanctity of the Cotton Bowl.

    Have a great time.
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    The Cotton Bowl is either the most or least difficult stadium to get to. If you take IH30 or 75 to 30 to Second Ave, you are destined to be miserable, rushed and late.

    i come in from Knox/Henderson -- traveling down Knox until it transitions to Henderson and then again to Munger. This lands you on the North side of the Fair -- you can easily park in the Fair lots or in a neighbor's yard or church parking lot.

    If you look at a map -- all the main streets from Highland Park, Oak Lawn go right to the Fair -- Henderson, Fitzhugh, Blackburn, Lemmon.

    If you are coming up from Austin day of the game -- I have swung over to IH20 to HWY175/CF Hawn and exit 2nd AVE (you are behind the Fair) and come in to the Fair lots via the backside.

    Let me know if that makes sense.
    Google Maps
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  4. nashhorn

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    Thanks. Given some prices I’m seeing Valet could get up to $100.
  5. Giovanni Jones

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    Shouldn't that be HW175?
  6. Horns11

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    There's a lot off Haskell in between Fitzhugh (Crosstown Expwy) and Dolphin. It's by far the easiest to get into and get out of, but it's also a long walk if you can handle it. I've parked in it less than a half hour 'til kickoff before.

    There are a million ways to get there. Take Haskell all the way from US 75 if you're going from the west. Haskell becomes Military just east of Dolphin, which you can take all the way from LBJ if you're coming from the east. Dolphin also has an exit from I-30 if you're cool with the traffic there.

    Scyene (352) from the east is a good option as well... turn on "Elsie Faye Heggins St" which will become Dolphin closer to the Fair.
  7. Texas Lone Star

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    You are correct and I will modify. Just crossed them up.

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