RSJ on the recruiting trail

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by TNLonghorn, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. TNLonghorn

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    RSJ is trying to get Rashaad Samples to commit to the good guys!

  2. arieshorn

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    You can never have enough bell cows for this class. Bring it home RSJ!

  3. HoffHorn

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    My wife (Texas-Ex) teaches with Coach Samples (Rashaad's Dad) and have been good friends with him for 15 years at Dallas Lincoln/Skyline and trust me when I say we have know Rashaad's since he was very small and this kid is a great kid! Coaches kid and my wife who bleeds burnt orange is always trying to push the Skyline kids toward Austin. You might think I am exaggerating my point but theses students/ball players have very little parental direction and they listen and are most definitely influenced by their teachers and coaches. And while Coach Samples is most definitely neutral with his son you can bet your *** my wife is in his ear about Austin. [​IMG]
  4. I35

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    Check out all the schools that have gave him an offer. Very impressive.
  5. Whiterock Horn

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    Impressive, indeed.
  6. Trusted Insider

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    Well, HoffHorn, I am holding you personally responsible if we don't land him then [​IMG]
    Doesn't he have multiple family members at A&M. + Thomas Johnson probably also pulling him that way... I've heard all that anyway.
    Tell your wife to tell him he's not SEC good and to commit already [​IMG]

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