Rules for Calling the Cops?? (kind of long)

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by baylorbear245, Apr 19, 2009.

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    So last night i had a party at my apartment (yes, we actually do party here at baylor [​IMG]) and i will admit, we were all getting a little loud. by a little loud i mean it was getting a little out of control. anyways, there are a couple of guys who live above me who, likewise, throw loud parties and it keeps me up late at night on weekdays. being an understanding guy i simply just throw on some headphones and dont let it get to me. we have never had issues with these people. and their parties are LOUD and from below it sounds like stompfest. However, these people saw it fit to call the cops on me last night because of the noise. being the luckiest guy in the world that night, the cops simply told us to take it inside because we were disturbing the guys above us, stop peeing on the side of the apartment (my bad...) and dont make them come back. This all despite the couple of underage people who were there drinking. i was very lucky. even though nothing happened, do i have the right to be f*cking pissed???? i mean these guys always piss off their balcony down where me porch is and i dont care. IMHO, that was a ******** move on their part.

    anyways, today these guys roll down here and ask me to please keep it down next time to avoid anymore unpleasant which i respond rather unfavorably. f*ck them.

    am i justified here?? i mean, if a party honestly bothered me i'd just go knock and ask them to quiet down a tad and if they didnt, hey i tried. i'd never call the cops, especially since i do likewise. and for them to come down THE DAY AFTER and ask me to keep it down really pissed me off. not to mention these guys look like total tools. there were no consequences for the party but if there had been some tickets written.....oh damn, it would go down. anyways, that is all, thanks for reading.
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    Pretty sorry move on their part. They should have at least come down and asked you to keep it down before calling the cops. Next time they throw a party and the noise is bothering you go up and ask them to keep it down and what not. And if they keep it up ask them again to please be quiet and you will call the cops if they keep it up. If the noise still doesnt go down then call the cops if it bothers you to the point where you feel it is necessary.
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    You could sell the idea for the "Party Wars" reality show, to air on Fox next fall.
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    Next time they are loud, just call the cops on them.

    See how they like it.
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    Burn their apartment down.
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    well they dont pee on the porch, but its close and enough to be a little awkward. nothing quite like chilling on the porch and seeing man meat hanging down. however, regarding calling the cops on see....baylorbear245 is no *****, and that is a ***** move. maybe if i lit a bag of **** and put it at their [​IMG]
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    I recall a party where Baylor PD showed up. The SWAT team parachuted in to catch would-be escapists and they started breathalyzing everyone. I blew a .214, and still vividly recall my desire to pistol whip that sumbitch while he wrote me a ticket. That one event permanently pole-axed my willingness to ever give them a dime, which is fine with me as it means more for UT and UTMB.
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    You know what you have to do next time they have a party right?

    Go up there, and tell them you are there instead of calling the cops to request they keep it down. But call the cops anyways, and deny that it was you.
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    Calling the cops is almost always a ***** move, unless there are some sort of extreme circumstances.
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    Is there any possibility that it could have been any other tenant who lives on the floor above you? Maybe it was someone who lives upstairs and one apartment over from you?

    If the guys came down the next day and asked if you'd keep it down next time, maybe that is the way the handled it and someone else called.

    Whoever called was an *** not to come down and ask first but you're kind of being an *** if you are just going to be pissed at one specific group without verifying that it was them first.

    But I guess you could just get into the pissing match of calling the cops on each other every time you hear a noise out of the other apartment.
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    Invite them to the party. Hard to complain about the noise when they're part of it.
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