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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Ok, so you've just been hired as the interim OC at Texas and upon evaluating the backs you find the following:

    Warren 71 carries 4.4 ypc
    Porter 61 carries 2.8 ypc
    Young 44 carries 4.2 ypc
    Carter 40 carries 5.4 ypc

    At first with three players over 4 yds per carry you are stunned at the ineptitude of the running game. Then you strategize for your first game against WVU. What is your plan for the running game? FWIW, you keep hearing what awesome practices Porter is having and that he deserves playing time so keep that in mind while you game plan.
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    Are those stats legit or did you present them for argument? I ask because my immediate thought upon reading was what an effort Warren has to be putting forth to be at 4.4 ypg!!! He has not had any long runs and usually his first tackler is at the LOS. What an effort young man.
    I'll leave the game plan to others but there has to be a solution.
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    Legit stats thru 10 games.
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    It is hard to make a position transition during the season. However, Warren looked better at H than RB. I would suspect that they will increase his load in both of the last two games.

    H is the best for Warren if he leaves at the end of the season or comes back. The staff really did him a favor after the debacle at SC.
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    What's our ypc if you take away Kansas, San Jose, and the 4th quarter of the Baylor game?
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    I don't think that matters too much. We have a phobia of calling rushing plays anyway ... so we are self-limiting which would tend to reduce the skew of what you infer in weak opponents.

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