Saban wants students in the stands.

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Horn6721, Sep 19, 2019.

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    Victim of their success. Games become ho-hum.
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    Tracking incentives, hm. Google and Facebook are taking note.
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  4. El Sapo

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    Today's college students are a generation raised under increasingly invasive technology with businesses and manufacturers looking to normalize surveillance at every opportunity. What's next here? Social credit for how long your friends and family stay at the game too?

    How bout Saban just worries about what his 11 kids are doing on the field instead and let the students do what they will? They'll only be able to get $10 student tickets and other perks for this very short period of time and will pay full retail for the rest of their lives after that. Leave the kids alone and leave your dog **** technology at the door.
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  5. Chop

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    Maybe they can throw in an e-coupon for a small popcorn at the concession stands for students who stay the entire game every game.

    Or extra credit in all classes that semester.
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  6. BevoJoe

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  7. Ajo Macho

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    The students don't have to download the app to go to games.

    Saban didn't invent the app, nor was it his idea. It's not like he took a break from watching film to learn Java, then wrote a few dozen pages of code last weekend.

    It's a rewards program. Go to lots of games, good for you! Loyal fans get first dibs on playoff tickets. Not only does this add incentive to stay for the whole game, but it also rewards the most loyal fans. Win-win.

    If students don't go to games or don't care about playoff tickets or simply don't feel like downloading the app, no one's forced to participate.
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  8. El Sapo

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    .... and that's just part of the problem with this. Submit to being tracked around the stadium ( a boon for concession and other data mining I'm sure), stay as long as WE say you should, or miss out on a chance at playoff tickets. As the article states, maybe if Bama didn't blow people out and scheduled better OOC the students would stay longer. Have you ever spent a game in the student section, Ajo? I have. A lot of them. No one sits where they're supposed to... people come and go... leave their friends.. because THEY'RE KIDS.

    These aren't season ticket holders with a small pile of cash invested in travel, accommodations, and everything else that makes you want to bake in the 4th quarter of a 40 point blowout to get your money's worth.

    This is invasive and it's the kind of idiotic BS that Steve Patterson would have thought up and Texas Taps would have defended. It will lead to self-serving incrementalism and more overreach by the Bama administration.
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  9. Ajo Macho

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    There are lots of students/fans and only so many playoff tickets. Who gets them? For the most part, there are two options:

    1. Random lottery
    2. Highest bidder

    Now there's a third option: The fans who go to every game and always stay to the end.
    Is it fair? Nothing's perfect, but it's not any less fair than options 1 and 2.

    If a student is willing to drop $1,000 on playoff tickets, I'm sure that option will still be available.

    Yes, I went to UT and stood in the student section many times. Almost never in my assigned seat. The article said nothing about staying in your assigned seat; it's about whether or not you leave the stadium entirely.
  10. El Sapo

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    Although I'm obviously opposed to what Alabama is trying to do here, @Ajo Macho, you do make some good points if/when the system is in place. If 'it is what it is' then I can't argue with much of what you say even though my clear preference is that none of this happens in the first place. Hopefully the app will break down, the kids will give it the finger, or both :hookem:
  11. easy

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    We are all being tracked anyway, especially if you have a smart phone

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