Sabans comments that apply to UT this week

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NRHorn, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. NRHorn

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    As a bonus, he has a little advice for those of us who bash the players.
    This is great and I bet good Ol’ boy BillyJohn from Birmingham regrets his question

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  2. 1sahorn

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    I'm not a Nick Saban fan, but give him credit....that was VERY well said.
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  3. Horn6721

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    It certainly needed to be said.
    Saban has the cred and cajones to say it.

    NR you are right. It applies at Texas too
  4. Phil Elliott

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    Well, this whole NIL has shown that they ARE getting paid to play and have been for quite a while. Playing for the school and for the alumni is quaint and all, and maybe thats still true at Texas State or Central Michigan, but it hasnt been true, in general, for Texas or Alabama for quite some time (sad to say).
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  5. nashhorn

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  6. horninchicago

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  7. dukesteer

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    Phil, have to say that I do not agree with this broad brush perspective, at all.

    Are there players for which this applies? Sure. Call me naive but I’ll bet that there are 3 X of this type of player at TAM then at Texas. And maybe 2 X at Alabama.

    Schools have cultures and ours at this school is simply of a higher caliber than many programs. And yes, I do believe that.

    True, NIL will test this perspective. But it would be hard for me that believe that players like Bijan, Roschon and many others are not proud to put on the burnt orange. Playing for “Texas” means something to them.
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  8. Horn6721

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    NIL changed the landscape
    BUT I think there will be adjustnents made
    And I think aggy precipitated them.
    So aggy signed a class where every recruit got an NIL , when should they benefit?
    Will aggy be able to sign every recruit to 23 with NIL
    Will every 22 recruit with NIL retain that NIL.
  9. NRHorn

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    I thought that the Aggie gold rush could turn into a case study.
    Kids who have no real love for the school, 5* who are used to being The Man who are now just good freshmen…
    Like Russian soldiers in Ukraine (give me some leeway here) they will fail as a team. The upperclassmen making only 15k vs the blue chip 2nd string RB making 100k+.
    Could divide the locker room and some will portal…both the upper class and the 5* riding the bench.
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