@ Sacramento State Sunday 7 PM (09/03/17)

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by BabHorn, Sep 3, 2017.

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  2. BabHorn

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    Horns move to 5-0 with 1-0 win over Sacramento State Sunday. Best start since 2008. :hookem2:

    Horns will host the Colorado Buffalos this Friday at 6 PM. The game will be carried on the LHN.
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    BabHorn, are any BB recruits coming to the game this weekend? I was told that many of the future soccer players are coming in this weekend.
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    Not sure about this week but Queen Egbo (2018 recruit) and Joanne Allen-Taylor (2018 verbal) were here this past weekend.

    Check the WBB board for more info. We got threads on the various recruiting years we fans are monitoring.
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