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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Sep 9, 2017.

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    True Freshman - not sure that makes much difference. A true freshman started the NC game last season, and did pretty well in that game. Coming out of High School was not ranked as high a recruit as either Sam or Shane. But the kid can play.

    So can Sam, he's a gamer. Let him game says I.
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    There has never been a freshman QB who was asked to do less than the Bama freshman last year. That kid was surrounded by arguably the best 2 deep (both sides of the ball) to walk onto a football field.

    That Bama defense scored more points than any defense in modern times. Their O line was stacked; receivers and backs were strong!

    Bama was absolutely loaded last year. The play of any QB, especially perhaps a freshman, is enormously impacted by who the other 21 are. To say our freshmen should or could play really well because Bama's did well is really missing the football point.

    Yeah, maybe our freshmen (Shane last year and Sam this year) would have done great IF they played on Bama's team last year. But I guarantee you, if you put the Bama freshman on OUR team last year or this year, HE WOULD STRUGGLE. And the results at the end of the season for us would not be much different because our team was not in the same league as Bama. Especially the players, and yes, the coach too.
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    Bama's QB was by far their weakest link of any starter... probably because he was a true freshman starting.
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    Pretty sure Bama lost that game. Though no fault of their QB. Hope I'm not missing the point, been watching the game for 40+ years -- Just sayin that #11 is different.
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    Yes they lost, that's not the point.. To a great Clemson team. Bama playing a freshman qb is the main reason they lost. Shane was a much better passer than the Bama QB from last year. Shane would have won as many games with Bama last year, imho, as the kid who was their starter. Not because Shane is great, but because that Bama 2 deep roster was outstanding.
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    Weakest Link - check the SEC stats page. One could argue perhaps that he was executing a game plan that took into account he was a freshman, but the results could not have been much better with an accelerated game plan or offense.

    Point being, that some kids aspire to perform at a high level, regardless of age or classification. And it would be great if #11 is one of those. That's all.
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    Agee. It would be great if # 11 could play right now at a level that would be like Colt or Vince in after they got a year or two of experience. Same sentiments for Shane. And I hope they do that beginning this week. We will need everything they can bring, and then a lot on defense to pull this one into the "W" column!

    # 11 has nice wheels and his scrambles give defenses something else to have to account for. His body stature and ability to break through arm tackles reminds me of Dac Prescott. I think he will be a serious load by the time he grows stronger and bigger. I can see him at 235-240 and still having his quickness and agility. Plus he showed the smarts to know when to slide after getting all he could on the ground.
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    Its not about the QB its about the O-line. If we had above average (and consistent) O-line play either QB would look a whole lot better. For example, Dak Prescott looked pretty good last year for a rookie QB in the league. Why? He had one of the best O-lines in football that usually gave him tons of time and opened holes for an elite RB. Put Prescott behind the Texans O-line and he probably performs at a below average level primarily because he is running for his life or getting the hell beat out of him. Tis team goes no where until the line play on both sides of the ball get much better. And it is not all the O-lines fault, this is their third O-line coach in the last three years.
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    Sounds like all 3 gonna play
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    Trying to imagine the stadium if/when Heard is in, and breaks through on a run and scampers into the end zone... not once, but more than once... along with other players scoring... Make It So
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    There are some who think having two QBs means you have no QBs.
    Well, screw that. We got THREE QBs!
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    Actually 4 since counting Heard's play package means you have to also include Warren's play package.
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    Imagine if you will...

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    does every wildcat play give the player behind center a play at QB? just wondering.
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    Pretty sure that if they take a snap from center, they're playing QB.

    Just a minor correction, Chris Warren didn't QB out of the wildcat. That was just straight single-wing football. I remember covering a Huntsville-Conroe game some years ago when Rock Cartwright was playing for Conroe. That was their offense - I'm not sure they did anything on offense but direct-snap to Cartwright and have him run it off tackle. He had something like 200 yards rushing that day if I remember.

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