Sam Ehlinger’s tweet to Dylan Haines

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Dionysus, Feb 14, 2017.

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    Like my my 9 year son, and Foreigner fan, Luke likes to sing - Cold. Azz. Ice.You. Are.
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    Hopefully Herman puts an end to Dylan type nonsense tweets going forward.
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    Why is Haines doing that? His eligibility is up right?
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    You wanna put somebody on front street for no reason, be prepared to get run over in return. Sam is 1 for 1 with a TD on pass attempts already. :hookem:
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    What is Dylan Haines doing? That dude has no business trash talking. He was arguably the worst free safety in Division 1 football, and certainly the worst in the history of the program. He just needs to drift into the background of what was an abysmal 4 years of Texas football; not remind us of how he "quarterbacked" the worst Texas defense in our 123-year history. Just move along........
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    Hey Doc,
    Relax, it was all in fun. Dylan and Sam were joking.
    Lemme get this straight- kid walks on, becomes a starter as a sophomore ...
    2014 All-Big 12 selection … 2014 Academic All-Big 12 choice … six-time member of the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll and you call him out?
    Dude what are you? A proctologist?
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    1. No way of knowing it was a joke.... by everyone else's responses, didn't sound like a joke. My comments were made based on what sounded like jerk comments from Haines. If he's joking, my apologies to Haines, but then again how are we supposed to know? If we're not, then don't post them on social media.
    2. What does his academic record have anything to do with this? No one said the kid didn't get decent grades.
    3. If I were a proctologist, I'd be staring your kind all day. Chump. :yes:

    That good enough for you, NRHorn?
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    I will be the first to agree that Dylan is no Johnny Johnson or Jerry Gray, but he was the ONLY ONE on Strong & Bedford's defense that knew not only where he was supposed to be, but also where the other confused kids on the defense were supposed to be. How many plays did we run on defense when Haines wasn't moving people around prior to, as well as when the ball was snapped? DAMN FEW!

    I don't have or read twitter, so I don't know and don't want to know about it. That said, when I read this thread, I saw two kids from rival high schools joking with each other. Neither of us knows if my interpretation or yours is correct. What I do know is that John Haines was a fine Longhorn, and his son walked-on and put in far greater effort than most, if not all, of Strong's recruits to represent The University of Texas with class and dignity. not to mention putting his heart and soul into it.

    I shall leave you with two last statements:

    1) Your harsh criticism of Haines is unjustified and mean-spirited at best.

    2) Your statement about "the worst in history" tells me that you have not seen the games of David's teams, and certainly not some of DKR's in the early and mid 60s, particularly when Lawrence Elkins is streaking down the north end of Memorial Stadium with no one within 20 yards of him, and our safeties were bailed out by Scott Appleton clobbering Don Trull, whose pass wobbled about 10 yards instead of 50+. Similar happened with Staubach in The Cotton Bowl. Why the hell do you think DKR put Carlisle in at safety with the Baylor game on the line?

    :hookem2: :beertoast:
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    Thanks for the eloquent reply and yessir, your reply tells me all I need to know.
    2014 All-Big 12 selection had nothing to do with academics and I would lean toward the folks who bestowed that honor on him over your assessment as him being the 'worst Div I safety'.
    You had me at hello, Doctor. No need for name calling. Chump? Geesh.
    BTW social media is riddled with folks joking, like the banter from Dylan and mine about you throwing a a pair of rubber gloves from time to time. Relax, all in fun.
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    I saw this exchange on Twitter the other day. Several player were joking around with each other and Haines caught the most crap from them. It was pretty funny. IIRC, even Q Diggs got a few good shots in.
  14. Dionysus

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    I didn’t know if they were joking or if Sam and Haines had a feud going on. Hard to tell without the appropriate smiley emojis all over the place.
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    Let's just say that I have seen pretty much every Texas game either in person or on the tube for many decades. My assessment of Haines' is my opinion, is probably no less qualified than yours, and I stand by it. Respectfully, citing a random play here or there over decades of previous seasons where a Texas safety got burnt or was out of position doesn't really change anything. I could cite dozens of plays where Dylan was out of position himself, got caught flat-footed, was ran by, got hurdled ;), etc. We can disagree back and forth, but ultimately we are not going to see eye to eye. Nothing against the kid as a person or scholar, he was not a good Div 1 safety. That's my opinion, and you don't have to agree. And that's fine too. And, statistically, yes, the past few seasons have been record breaking lows for the Texas defense.
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    The way I saw it, Haines was telling Ehlinger that he doesn't have the "juice" in a way that he hasn't earned anything yet. He's correct that Ehlinger hasn't stepped on a college football field. I thought Sam was the one escalating it into Dylan being a poor tackler or getting hurdled.

    That said, Dylan's claim to greatness on the football field is his ability to hang out playing deep man on obvious passing downs and intercepting lame duck throws that had no business being thrown. We could easily teach Brandon Jones how to do that, in addition to the aspects of the game in which Jones will outshine Haines any day of the week. If Haines truly was the "QB of the D" or making the calls like a center does at the line, just look at the defensive results over the past couple seasons and let me know how well that was working out for the team. I don't think the "worst safety in Texas history" moniker is earned, but when we've had the "worst defense in Texas history," he surely gets some of the blame.
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    To be accurate, the kid was Honorable Mention Big 12 in 2014, and that year he did in fact play decent. (FYI, Duke Thomas also made Honorable Mention that year, and he wasn't exactly a shining star). But Dylan's last two years were nothing to write home about. And I'll leave it at that (less harsh for the faint of heart).

    NRHorn, I wasn't name calling. Come on now, you took it all wrong.... we were joking with each other, right? I mean, I was laughing when you decided to take things to a personal level by creatively asking me if I was a proctologist. Weren't you were basically trying to say that I'm an a-hole? Ha! I thought that was pretty funny. So you're gonna get bent out of shape when I jokingly refer to you simply as a "chump"? Hilarious. I thought we were bros, bro. But I guess you read my tweets, or excuse me, my post a different way. I wonder how that could happen? If you don't like name-calling, don't start by slinging mud in the first place.

    Let's keep comments above the belt (joking or not), and it'll keep this blog site an enjoyable exchange of thoughts and opinions. Some of you may not like or agree with my opinion of Dylan Haines' football prowess (nothing about his personal character), and that's fine and dandy. That's why we have this site. For good banter. If we all agreed on everything, we wouldn't need to have these sites for discussions.

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    Damn you off-season, damn you to hell!!!
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    I click On The Field. I click In The Stands. I click Recruiting. I go work. I come back. Repeat.

    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -Albert Einstein
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    I thought that was the definition of a Democ... oh, wait, never mind. Wrong forum. :idk:
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    Take it to the West Mall.
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    Sometimes comments are not meant to be taken seriously.
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    Can't we all just get along!? :popcorn:
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    It comes across as passive aggressive to me.
    (Gosh, I only halfway insulted you. I was only kidding.)
    In today's political climate it's probably best to just keep anything political off the football board.
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    Uh, I liked the kid.
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    No disrespect to the Doc, but loved the kid as well and was shocked at the content of his thesis.
    Anyone who is a 3 year starter as a walk on at UT has my respect.
    And anyone who calls into question the athletic ability of a player has always puzzled me as I have the mental picture of the poster as someone who could only perform a 4.6 second event when downing a Mighty Fine burger- with fries.
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    Agreed, Dylan did not stand out as inferior on a terrible Texas D. Provided leadership. Had some good plays, some bad plays. Walking on and starting is impressive in any sport.

    Either way, Sam is gonna be a BEAST! Known him for several years. He's the real deal.

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    We're going old school here....I haven't heard Chump since Mr. T!
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    Vol that's why I commented Geesh, not because I can't deal with being called a name - it was the 70s era reference.
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    Far Out! :smokin:
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