Sam Kendricks , Sherryl Hauglum, Beth Coblentz, Coach Woods, Leigh Ann Fetter, Lucky 11 11

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    Billy Dale The History of Longhorn Sports through 2014

    20230315_201938.jpg TLSN is a 501 (C) (3) Longhorn sports historical site with a compassionate component. As such, there is a TLSN Board of Directors. 4 of the 5 are shown in this photo below. Billy Dale (two-time national football champion), Beth Coblentz ( national champion volleyball), Jim Kay (two-time national champion manager), and Sherryl Hauglum (runner-up to the national championship in basketball.)

    TLSN wants to add a Longhorn baseball, softball, track, swimmer, tennis player, rower, and golf player to the board. It is a relatively easy position, with the primary focus on reaching out to Longhorn former student-athletes and supporting qualifying Longhorns who have fallen through society's safety net. Over the years, TLSN and LSG have issued gifts or grants of over $200,000.
    TLSN is the first organization in collegiate history to offer such a service.
    TLSN is not associated with the UT Athletics Department or any organization closely aligned with UT.

    Sam Kendricks , Sherryl Hauglum, Coblentz, Coach Woods, Fetter, Lucky 11

    march 2023 Sherryl and Beth.jpg
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