Samuel Cosmi 2021 NFL Draft Summer Scouting Report

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by brianlamb_ISN, Sep 9, 2020.

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    Well that could happen on any play, even with Cosmi on the field. Cosmi is all potential (as some have said here). I just feel like Cosmi not being there is like Caden Kapernick not being on the field. Someone will be on the field giving it their all with no obvious change in results. Anybody can get in the way of a pass rusher, and apparently anyone can go out there and whiff on touchdown passes...
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    I guess I am just old school. When you commit to something you follow through with it. Now it is all about the money and not your teammates,school or integrety. This shows me the type of person he is. I do not wish him illwill but I do not wish him success either. He says he bleeds orange. I do not believe that. Actions speak louder than words.
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    Remember how little our defense missed Elliott and Hill against Missouri?
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    Really just an improper example on a number of levels...

    ...but this is a good rebound.

    Tom Herman doesn't develop Marines, he develops football players (well or does he?). These two things aren't in the same league and it's too much to type and TLDR anyways. Let me make something clear here though, I don't like what Cosmi did but in his case I can understand it.

    It's really easy to arm-chair team spirit, school pride, and all of that stuff with no risk or skin in the game. I doubt few if any posters here would willingly jeopardize their lifetime earning power for their current or future family or mortgage for this coach or this season at this time? Sorry kids we're moving from a house in the burbs to a one bedroom apartment but hey, I bleed orange. No one would. It would be different perhaps if this team really had something to play for but they don't.

    I view the Caden Sterns situation very differently because I don't see the draft stock there at all. Don't support the kid, don't agree, and hope he finds a great place to play next year. Long day at work, tired. Hookem.
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    And he thanks his coaches for helping him become the MAN he is? What if his teammates missed out on a bowl game because of him quitting with two games left? Teammates who don’t go pro and want that last bowl game experience.
    See ya later, (man?) pal!
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    Chin actually in my long rant what you said exactly what I was trying to say, thank you
  7. Creek

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    More reasons to not watch the nfl. Full of these people.
  8. wadster

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    And not playing LT either.
  9. wadster

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    More reasons to not watch this team until Herman is done. Just get him out tomorrow please and give us some hope.
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    Cosmi has slid to #5 at his position in 2021 NFL Draft per PFF
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    I don't care how well he does in the NFL. How great can he be (and the rest of the line) if everyone agrees Sam was running for his life most of the time?
  12. Joe Fan

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    Getting an OL in the first round would be a good look, help recruiting efforts
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