San Antonio Silver Stars to be sold

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. BabHorn

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    Question is where will the team end up? Fourteen years ago, they arrived in San Antonio from Utah.
  2. HornView

    HornView 500+ Posts

    It’s looking like Las Vegas right now
  3. DFW_Horn

    DFW_Horn 1,000+ Posts

    I guess they'll find out if A'ja Wilson likes the heat.
  4. BabHorn

    BabHorn 10,000+ Posts

    well, if they do move there, just another reason to visit Sin City. :smile1:
  5. HornView

    HornView 500+ Posts

    Reports that Bill Lambeer will be the Coach & GM when the sale and move are final.
  6. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Be nice to have a sale that doesn't move a team every now and then. :D
  7. DFW_Horn

    DFW_Horn 1,000+ Posts

    Las Vegas (formerly San Antonio) won the draft lottery and will pick first in the next WNBA Draft. After loading up at G/SF the past three years (McBride/Jefferson/Plum), have to think new HC/GM Bill Laimbeer goes after a big. Wonder if A’ja Wilson likes 115 degree temps?
  8. mb227

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    You don't notice it while indoors...and, TBH, it really isn't unbearable even on the outside as long as one stays hydrated. And yes, I HAVE walked the Strip from PH to the Venetian mid-day in August.
  9. DFW_Horn

    DFW_Horn 1,000+ Posts

    Yeah - I almost threw in ‘but it’s a dry heat’.
  10. Karen

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    I so wish we had a pro team in Austin. I became a Longhorn fan when I moved here because there was no pro team. I used in live in South Florida and had the very fun Miami Sol for several years.
  11. DFW_Horn

    DFW_Horn 1,000+ Posts

    Say goodbye to the San Antonio Silver Stars and hello to the Las Vegas Aces.

  12. Scamp

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