San Diego vs. UT Game 1

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by georgecostanza, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. georgecostanza

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    Just saw NB's thread. (Thoughts your way)

    Just an update for those wondering.

    Friday's game was postponed until Sunday.
    Tonight's game has been cancelled with no time set for a makeup that I'm aware of.

    First pitch on Sunday is 11:05 and the game will be 7 innings. Game 2 will start 45 minutes after the completion of game 1.
  2. georgecostanza

    georgecostanza NBHorn7’s Protégé

    And they're replaying the KU game from earlier today on LHN right now. :brickwall:

    Do we still have the puke emoticon? I couldn't find it.
  3. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    finally getting some baseball.
    French starts for UT. K, bunt single, fly out, PB, K
    no score after 1/2 inning.
  4. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    12 John GRIMSLEY cf
    22 Kyle HOLDER ss
    28 Colton WALTNER rf
    7 Austin BAILEY lf
    13 Jesse JENNER 1b
    1 Jerod SMITH 3b
    6 Hunter MERCADO-HOOD dh
    21 Riley ADAMS c
    4 Bryson BRIGMAN 2b
    17 David HILL p
    14 Ben Johnson lf
    4 Collin Shaw rf
    9 C.J Hinojosa ss
    1 Tres Barrera c
    8 Brooks Marlow 2b
    17 Bret Boswell 3b
    7 Michael Cantu 1b
    50 Zane Gurwitz cf
    12 Joe Baker dh
    24 Parker French p
  5. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    starter David Hill is a 6'3" RH for SD

    Johnson grounds out
    Shaws doubles again, his 10th of the season
    advances on PB to 3rd
    scores on SF by Hinojosa.
    Barerra walks
    Marlow lines out to rCF

    UT leads 1-0 after 1
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  6. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    top of 2
    Boswell charges a ground ball then launches it for 2 base error.
    SACed to 3rd
    with the infield in - solid single to left scores him
    double down the line and the runner runs through the sign, and scores anyway.
    2-1 SD 1 out
    ground out to 2nd, runner advance to 3rd. 2 outs
    1B Cantu goes to his right to snag the 3rd out.

    we trail 2-1 after 1 1/2
  7. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Boswell leads off with a walk
    Cantu strikes out swinging
    Gurwitz grounds back to pitcher, getting the force at 2nd.
    2 down, Gurwitz on 1st.
    DH Joe Baker grounds out weakly to 3rd.

    we trail 2-1 after 2
  8. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    ground out to 2nd
    fly out to left
    ground out to 2nd

    French has thrown 41 pitches through 3 inn
  9. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    top of the lineup for the Orange and White in the bottom of 3

    Johnson flies out to rCF
    Shaw walks
    CJ almost hit by a pitch that allows Shaw to advance to 2nd - I would score it a PB - they scored it a Wp
    CJ hits it hard off the pitcher's glove over to short and he bare hand throws out CJ. Shaw to 3rd. 2 outs
    Barerra has some wild swings and Ks.

    after 3, UT trails 2-1
  10. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    3 up 3 down quickly for French in the 4th
  11. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Marlow grounds out
    Boswell flies out to left
    Cantu strikes out again.
    UT doesn't have a hit since the 1st inning Shaw double.

    after 4, SD 2-1
  12. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Maybe

    Chilly day!

  13. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    very weak ground ball hugs the 3rd base line for a leadoff single, top of 5th
    HBP trying to bunt, 2 on
    single to right, bases loaded.
    French pitch count at 64
  14. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    solid drive SF to Center scores the run and advances runner to 2nd. other runner holds at first.
    Skips 2nd trip to the mound to talk to French. 1 out , 1st and 3rd

    LHN: same fricking, annoying commercials, over and over and over.
  15. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    trailing 3-1, top of 5
    Kirby Bellow, LH, in to pitch for UT

    this is a 7 inning game, we need to hold them.
  16. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    runner gets caught off 3rd , and is out at the plate 2-5-1
    2 outs , other runner advanced to 3rd.
    swinging K !
    we trail 3-1 going to "Hey Frank, it's the bottom of the 5th !"
  17. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Zurwitz grounds out to short.
    Baker grounds out to 2nd.
    Johnson grounds out to short.

    on to 6 in a 7 inning game. UT trails 3-1

    Rice and Stanford are underway in Houston for game 4 in similar weather. Stanford has won 2 out of the first 3 games.
  18. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Bellows still on the mound for UT
    line out to rCF, as Zurwitz runs it down making it look easy when you get a good jump on it.
    swinging K
    Pop out to CJ for the 3rd out.

    on to bottom of 6

    Rice scores 3 in the bottom of the 1st and still batting against Stanford.
  19. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Shaw , still with our only hit in the first, leads off.
    Swinging K. David Hill is killing us. pitch count 77
    CJ - another swinging K
    Barerra - K called

    on to the 7th.......................
  20. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Bellows still for UT.
    pop out to short.
    lined single up the middle.
    stolen base moves him to 2nd
    ground out to 3rd.
    fly out to CF

    last chance for UT ..............................
  21. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Marlow, Boswell, and Cantu scheduled for UT
    Wilson trying to get the crowd and team going.............

    Marlow walks on 4 pitches to lead it off. Pitch count for Hill at 90.
    Pitching change............ bringing in a lefty.
  22. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Anthony McIver 6' 5" 210# 5.40 ERA LH in for SD
    Boswell swinging K 1 out runner on 1st
    another pitching change......................
  23. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Gary Cornish, RH, 4.20 ERA 6'3" 200# in to pitch for SD

    Cantu up - PB moves Marlow to 2nd to get rid of ground ball DP chance
    Cantu flies out just short of the warning track in right.
    down to our last out in game 1.
  24. ElginHotSausage

    ElginHotSausage 500+ Posts

    Zane Gurwitz, our only hitter of the day up with 2 outs.
    full count..........................
    Flies out to right and we lose 3-1.
    French suffers the loss.
    Hill the winner.

    game 2 in 45 minutes.
  25. georgecostanza

    georgecostanza NBHorn7’s Protégé

    Thanks for doing the thread
  26. johnnyg88

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    Doesn't look like we wanted to be here today. Their pitcher and team did. Hopefully, better the 2nd time around. NB didn't show up either.
  27. BevoBeef

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    Bill Little [at the beginning of the 2nd game] said that he believed the weather delays affected the Horns more than SD. The home team always has a harder time because there are more things going on around the game to take away focus. The visitors in a lot of game delays just lounge around and focus easier on the game activities.
  28. NBHorn7

    NBHorn7 Pimp Daddy

    I kind of had a good excuse and put up a thread about it.

    Sounds like the team returned to the bad old ways today, after losing the first game I would think they would have
    gotten their focus back for game two. I would also think there was a motivational speech laced with colorful language
    between games.

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