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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by fkubacak, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. fkubacak

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    With the upcoming parking selection process, does anyone know the amount of spaces that are available in the San Jacinto Garage it Manor garage?
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  2. SabreHorn

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    I have parked in the San Jacinto Garage since it was built. During that time, it has been completely full maybe a dozen times in that 30+ years. I prefer it because if I'm going back to Houston, I can get to Bucee's in Bastrop in 35 minutes.

    If I'm going to El Patio, it takes about 10 minutes.

    While I'm allowed to park on the street, every time I have parked on the street, we have lost.
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  3. nashhorn

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    After a game? That’s quick.
  4. SabreHorn

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    Yes, but rarely the first game. I have to educate the cops on the street if they are new.
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  5. PecosBill

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    Like all the garages, getting early to DKR is the key to getting out of San Jacinto in less than 20 minutes. There are two exits so park according to your arrival time.
    Go Horns!
  6. mchammer

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    When I lived in the Great Hills area in 2001-2005 (before my move to The Woodlands due to corporate relocation), I always selected San Jac garage. For some games, I could leave home at 2:05 pm and be in my seats for the National Anthem at 2:30 pm.

    Yes, there are spots available. I just selected my parking for this year. For a few years, I parked at Disch-Falk parking lot near the McCombs softball field. I could get to LaGrange for bbq in 30 minutes.

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