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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LousianaHorn, Sep 11, 2022.

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    This year the team has not quit and that is a bright spot for sure. There are a few on here who will ride with pk right to the bottom of the ocean. I am a realist in that we saw one of the absolute worst defenses in UT history. This DL has zero lane integrity and zero edge control. They engage with the OL and just try and push them back. Given that approach, you better bring the blitz like they did against bama and like they did in Q2 of tech. We just dont see it out pk's defense. The 10 yard cushion is just crazy and it really hasnt change much in 1 year and 4 games. I dont understand our WR dropping Cards passes. Really no excuse for that. If you were a DC, would you fear this offense? If you were an OC, would you fear our D? Both sides have the playmakers to succeed and the offense has done well most of this year. They are not dominant but I think they can be. I dont believe pk will ever get there and if he stays to year end, it will harm Sark in my opinion. Just like when Red knew strong was not head coaching material, I think pk is just as obvious.
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    I haven't read every post so I hope I am not repeating what has already been said.
    I hope this is not over-simplification but it seems to me that once we have that lead in the second half we play to chew up clock which is reasonable but the defense knows this so we get our runs stuffed, another words 3 and out. We get predictable. We have to continue passing and pick our run opportunities action passes. I know that incompletions stops the clock but use short passes, keep them guessing. We must not be predictable!
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    Replacing coordinators rarely helps that much.
    If you are shopping for a new coordinator now, you’ll be shopping for a new coach in a year. Fact.
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    Top Traditions in College Football
    1. Ags squeezing themselves
    2. Notre Dame touching the Play Like A Champion sign
    3. UT fanbase hating a coach
    3a. UT fanbase demanding QB2 starts

    If I am frozen in a cryochamber and thawed Set 10, 2094… I will be able to read numerous articles regarding points 3.
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    4) DKR wouldn't have done that
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    Having re-invented myself and built back a better career. I think Sark is doing that. He just needs to trust his players and call the plays with much less reservation, regardless of the depth chart. I believe in him. I hope he succeeds and gets it turned around!
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    I want Sark to be OUR coach
    I believe he cleared the hate in the locker room and molded a team that is a TEAM
    I get discouraged when he talks over and over about adjusting to a players'strength instead of to his system
    But we see Card who is giving Texas his all to His ability which is not a pro pass style on a gimp leg BUT Card has shown he can and will run.
    Was using the wildcat, after it had been stopped so many times adjusting?
    I got further discouraged watching Longhorn weekly where Craig and Sark talked of how great and energized the scout team was this week
    Energized because you played TT so well as the scout team we lost?

    I am so still trying for Sark
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    Please don't take this personally, but exactly when does this transformation happen? Can you name the week we start beating teams consistently that field lesser talent?

    Thank you
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  9. Phil Elliott

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    I said this last year and its still true - the bandwagon Im on is the CDC bandwagon. I still trust him to fix this one way or another.
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  10. Your Wrong

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    It starts this week.
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    Ok Your
    I can go with that
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    I hope this is true.
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    Come on Sark, stop looking to win. Look for the knock out. Just watched Fury v Wilder 2. I truly believe if the teams starts trying to beat the hell out of other teams rather than just going for the win that this is a good team that will start winning by 2 or 3 TDs. Just like Tyson.
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    You beat me to it, but no sarcasm.
    Everyone feel free to call the Texas Hammer and sue me, but I believe in this process and the largest threat is negativity that can affect the coaching/players/fans.

    And as important the recruiting.
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  15. Horn2RunAgain

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    Love ya man, but honestly the largest threat is what's actually happening on the field. Blowing 4th qtr leads to teams with far less talent. Over and over again. Recruits don't dig that stuff

    His process didn't work at UW, USC. I'll leave it at that.

    (As I do a Richard racehorse Haynes back flip from the bumper of a Ferrari)
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  16. NRHorn

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    I hear you. And see your point.
    I think the small level of frustration I get is that being a longhorn, fan my whole life (at 60 years old). I’m really tired of everybody, jumping ship at the first time at adversity.

    And I almost want to put this on every one of my posts I am not directing this at anyone. I am talking about the Longhorn fan base as an entirety, and certainly not you or anyone specific that is posted on this thread.

    I do see the frustration- trust me. You should’ve heard what was coming out of my mouth after the tech loss.

    I would challenge everyone to look at 112 teams at the NCAA and watch the teams that they lose to on a regular basis. This is not at UT phenomenon.Aggie,OU, Clemson Michigan blue blood programs …this happens guys let’s move on.

    A bunch of beavers had the same experience UT just had against tceh.
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  17. horninchicago

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    Did you just put Aggie in the same sentence with blue bloods?


    I'm afraid I will have to call for you to be banned.

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  18. NRHorn

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    Good catch… my bad.
    How would we feel as an Aggie who thought they were going to the Playoffs only to be drummed by App State. And cut them a $1.5M check.??

    Or OU last week…. anyone notice what happened to them?

    FSU on line 1 from last year Jackson St and Primetime with the follow up.
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  19. horninchicago

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    If I was an Aggie, I wouldn't know I was stupid. It is like those with Alzheimer's or drunks. They don't know it. It is the people around them who know and suffer.
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  20. Run Pincher

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    And what BB program has a worse record in the B12 than Canzez? What BB program has a 3-7 record in the B12? Why do we keep hearing XX happened, we have to get that fixed, yet it never ever ever gets fixed??
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  21. nashhorn

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    Seriously I don’t think 1 loss is what kills the fans. It’s the implication of what it presents may be a repetition of years past. The Bama loss was accepted as a potential to be positive signs for the future, Tech uh, not so much.
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  22. horninchicago

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    The Bama moral victree meant nothing to me. It was akin to ND, Georgia, OU a couple times, etc.

    I was concerned after the Bama game when Overshown, I think it was, made the comment about playing better against better competition. That said it all to me right there. Nothing has changed with their mentality.

    Do they quit as they have recently? No, but who cares? They still lose games they should win.

    Rightfully, anyone who saw the effort against Bama would think that logically Texas would run the table. Well, UTSA and Tech say otherwise.
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  23. AC

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    I missed alot of the Tech game. Went fishing and heard most of it on the radio. It was a repeat of 2021 4th quarter or second half losses. This cannot keep happening, Sark needs to get aggressive late in games and close people out. Mack Brown was good at that.
  24. nashhorn

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    Understand hic, and that’s kinda what I was saying. We took the Bama game as a sign of potential which Tech dispelled, much to the chagrin of us all.
  25. mchammer

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    If we win tonight and QE returns next week to beat OU the narrative is going to quickly switch to Texas would be undefeated except for the dirty Bama hit.
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  26. horninchicago

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    Even if Ewers was playing, the defense gave up too many points last week. Does the defense play better with a particular QB?
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  27. Your Wrong

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    Perhaps not so fast on UTSA. Put it to Middle Tennessee.

    Say all you want about PK and the defense. But it really was Sark and no gas, some breaks. He tried to force the run. We’re 3rd and 3. He knows Tech is in go all out mode. I didn’t care for the play call, but that’s potentially 4 down territory right there. Tech would have done it. The 3rd down play call didn’t further set up a 4th down attempt.

    And it’s largely a repeat of last year. OSU 6 offensive points at half. ISU 3 points at half. Baylor 10 points at half. Even to an extent OU. The defense held pretty solidly in the 3rd versus OU.

    But anyone on either side of the ball could make a play to change the outcome. A better play call here, a better play call can make that play easier to be made.

    I have now thought that our coaches made excuses last year and perhaps up to now. I mean that in the sense that our players are limited and can’t do certain things. The Dline is a great example. Truly they were very mediocre. This year it’s not even the same guys even though it’s the same guys. It’s time to let it fly.
  28. NRHorn

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    Beat WV.
  29. horninchicago

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    The defense failed against Tech. That is the bottom line. It doesn't matter what the offense did in the second half. They scored more than enough points to win that game without having to go to OT.
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  30. Your Wrong

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    They didn’t score enough or they would have won. Just like the defense didn’t keep them from scoring enough to win. We lost. No one did enough or we win. I am in no way saying the defense played a good game. The offense failed to keep pressure on Tech. Game flow would have been better had we just punted our first possession of the 2nd half. The defense gave the O a chance to insert the nail in the coffin right there. They failed and gave Tech great field position and momentum. Defense stops a 4th and goal. Bijan misses a massive hole, Whitt misses a slightly off thrown but catchable ball followed by a poor adjustment on the next slightly off pass. Then next thing you know Tech has ball at the 30.

    Team game.

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