Sark Needs to Start Card in Lawrence / Here’s Why

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by dukesteer, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. SabreHorn

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    Remember that Brandon Stewart beat Peyton out to start at Tennessee their freshman year. Then he transferred to Brazos County and got "Aggie'd". Brandon still remains one of the 2-3 best HS QBs I ever saw.
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  2. dukesteer

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    This hype is justified, and there’s not a program in United States that, if he had committed to that school, that wouldn’t be doing the same thing.

    Some seem to be suggesting that his pedigree is not significant. My gosh. To me it’s a huge factor. Even if he doesn’t possess an extraordinary skill set (and I believe that he probably does), what he has learned about football and the quarterback position by simply being a Manning equates to a level of preparation that is unprecedented, and unparalleled.
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  3. horninchicago

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    Not saying the pedigree isn’t significant. Saying it doesn’t mean he will be a great quarterback for Texas.
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  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    No, really? That logic applies to every single recruit that lands on any campus not just this one specific recruit..
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  5. I_Dont_Exist

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    That logic doesn't apply to 98% of recruits in all of college football every year. I mean just puhleeeeze.
  6. Handler

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    Card has enough great tape, looking forward to seeing where he lands next year. What a waste Sark did to him last year and this year. Ewers can be great but Sark has destroyed his psyche already. The swag is gone...
  7. wadster

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    We really don't know if his psyche is destroyed. He should have played more this year. but if I was him I'd still have confidence I could play. I'd be pissed I didn't play, but not doubting my own skills.
  8. Walking Boss

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    Card may look good in purple with a cockroach on his helmet next year.
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  9. horninchicago

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    I commented in response to what seemed like dismissals of QE, noting the fact that Manning will be here, so all will be well. How do we know?
  10. Detective Shilala

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    He’s reminding me more of Tate Martell so far.
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  11. Pomspoms

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    wait, not that good
  12. dukesteer

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    Something just seems off with Ewers.
    Here’s another tidbit about Ewers that some may find interesting.

    My boss, who lives in Southlake, goes to every SLC game, whose daughter went to high school with Riley Dodge, and who has had Riley at his home for dinner, is expressing the opinion that Ewers looks like a “zombie.” That he seems to have lost his love for the game, love that was very evident when he played at SLC.

    I take this perspective at face value because this individual has observed Ewers for many years. More reason in my opinion that Sark should’ve sat him down, allowing him time to get his head straight, and played Card.

    Finally, this SLC contact thinks that Ewers would benefit from sitting out a year…

    The criticism attributed to Ewers’ father seems more and more absurd. Basically, diverting the blame for his son’s inconsistent and odd performance. Suggesting that Sarkisian is not coaching him up is not really plausible.

    Let’s hope that over the remaining two or three games, something clicks and we see the skill set and passion that we know exists, or existed.
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  13. ViperHorn

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    Giving up that senior season of high school meant giving up a year of maturity physically and mentally. The next 12 months will be telling if he has matured or is still stuck in mental neutral.
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  14. Detective Shilala

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    agreed, the accusation Sark is not trying to develop this kid just does not track. He is going all in on Ewers, but not helping him improve? No
    There are some other plausible explanations there that do track but I don’t want to go there esp since this is just rumor.
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  15. SabreHorn

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    How can you consider something supposedly said to the first cousin of your nephew's wife who has an acquaintance whose wife teaches school with a guy that lives four blocks from the Ewers family a "rumor"? Next thing we know, you'll be telling us that the Aggie faithful may be unhappy with Jimbo and his contract.

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  16. mchammer

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    I suspect whatever is happening will leak out, like what Sark said in August about last year’s team. I also know that there has been a noticeable difference in attitude between some of the players, like what happened between Cain and Red. I like Red - he plays like a savage.
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  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    We're Texas.

    Sadly, in this case, we're a lot like aggy.
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  18. dukesteer

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    I believe Ewers to be an atypical case. An exception.

    It’s reasonable to suggest that most of us understood going into the season that while Ewers supposedly had a very special skill set, he was just a freshman, and unproven at the college level. Understanding this, most of us were prepared to be patient. Then Alabama happened. And expectations changed. Then we saw OU, and even the experts were effusive in their praise.

    What none of us can explain is what has happened since. The woeful performance in Stillwater is still baffling. And frankly, we’ve seen nothing but at best pedestrian performances since early October. So while some are criticizing him, many (like me) are simply scratching our heads.
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  19. wadster

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    Yea, watching games this week and seeing QBs making typical throws down the field and you wonder what happened? Just makes no sense. Like he got the yipps.
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  20. Facing Addiction

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    Two biggest fears: Fear of Failure and Fear of Success. He hasn't finished a season since his Sophomore year in high school. He had success against Alabama and OU, maybe he sphinctered up knowing he had to now do it week in and week out. Plus, Sark's play calling hasn't helped him much. Disappointing he was still in the 50% range against Kansas.
  21. mchammer

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    Ewers threw only 1 deep ball against Kansas. It hit Worthy right in the hands which Worthy was not able to corral. Worthy was well covered though.
  22. nashhorn

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    Mc that, only one deep ball makes his passing percentage more questionable. He’s not hitting his receivers to a degree it’s disconcerting.
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  23. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Quinn was on fire through the ISU game.

    63 of 93 for 68% with 9 TDs and 2 int's.

    The only loss in games he started was the Bama game he was injured.

    Then came the Oklahoma State disaster. Since then, as we all know, he has been a complete train wreck.

    66 of 140 for 47% with 5 TD's and 4 INT's

    When Quinn is struggling Sark has doubled down on him and his pass attempts are through the roof. What coach thinks, hey my QB is sucking so what should I do? I got it....take my all american tailback out of the game and THROW MORE!!!! His two worst games of the year Sark had him throw 88 passes. In one game we had a huge lead blown while the other was a one score game until a late TD. WTF?

    Thank God he finally figured it out against Kansas and really limited the pass attempts, but what if that were a closer game? Does Sark curl up in the fetal position and make QE start flinging it again?

    I'm beginning to believe the story that Sark is a genius game planner but horrible in game coach. When something goes wrong he has no idea how to adjust. The second half collapses should have shown me this, but this player level specific example is a great piece of evidence too.
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  24. Creek

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    Sark doesn’t let him throw down field anymore.

    Most of his stats are completions within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Which is the current reason why we are just average to above average.
  25. Statalyzer

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    Especially since 9 of his 21 attempts were at or behind the LOS. Went 7/9 on those, 5/12 on the rest.

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