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    ....Tuesday night at the Travis County Expo Center in concert at The Star of Texas Rodeo, near Decker Lake just east of Austin.

    Two original members, guitarist/vocalists Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons, plus longtime member John McFee on guitar, slide, vocals, fiddle and harmonica, were there.

    Those three, plus two drummers, a bassist, a keyboardist and a sax player, did all the hits and more from a revolving stage in the center of the arena.

    Our reserved bleacher seats were twenty-five bucks each.

    We sat less than 50 yards away and enjoyed the show.

    Sound was a little muddled compared to what you get at the Erwin Center, but not that bad.

    The place was nearly sold out with maybe 2000 folks of all ages enthusiastically enjoying fine, spirited renditions of "China Grove," "Long Train Runnin'," "Black Water," "Rockin' Down The Highway," "Listen To The Music," "Jesus Is Just Alright," "Takin" It To The Streets," etc.

    The Doobies have always featured fine, soulful lead vocals and excellent harmony singing with blues based lead guitar work played over catchy, driving riffs and hook-filled arrangements.

    When Michael McDonald and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter were members, they even delved a bit into Jazz and R&B.

    Tom and Pat have fronted this band and written and performed this material for well over 30 years and they and the others were very, very good.

    We enjoyed the show and the Doobies had everyone of all ages applauding their talent and energy and singing along with the familiar lyrics.

    Easy parking and access, smoke free and inexpensive with great sight lines, plus large video screens for close ups, decent sound and cold 16 oz. beers for six bucks a pop.

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    Growing up I always thought "Doobie Brothers" was a stupid name for a band. None of them were named Doobie. None of them were brothers. Then, one brain-cell killing night in high school, it dawned on me.
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    Jesus, he's my friend ...
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    Man this brings back memories.. 1975 right in a crowd.. My gal in her little mini skirt in front of me.. Ill leave the rest to your imagination.. [​IMG]
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    my second concert ever was the doobies during the "what were once vices are now habits" tour. we walked around to the back of them and saw the two drummers with the pink smoke coming out and it looked exactly like the album cover, so cool at the time.
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    wish I had been at the concert with you - sounds like it was a good one.

    The DB's were one of my favorite groups from the 70's. Still listen to some of their stuff - especially their album Stampede from 1975 which I consider their best work and somewhat unappreciated by their fans and the critics at the time.... a classic.
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    Another park another Sunday--great song if you lost your sweet heart.
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    "I dread the day my kids grow older and start asking questions"

    Kids don't give a **** what you did. They just don't want you to know what they're doing.
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    In February 75 my first concert was Chicago touring for the Chicago 8 disk. Two months later saw the Doobie Brothers which was a great beginning for a 8th grader to get introduced to the concert scene.

    Did they play South City Midnight Lady?

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    No, they didn't and I noticed..


    They didn't do "Minute By Minute" or "What A Fool Believes" either, but, of course, Michael McDonald wasn't there to sing those.

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    I am pleased to hear that Michael McDonald was not there... he was not a positive add to the DB's IMO.
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    South City Midnight Lady

    Man I have not thought abou that song in a long-time. That brings back memories of my youth.

    Note to self - download a bunch of DB to the ipod.

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