Say goodnight, Gracie...

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by hookem2003, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. hookem2003

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    IF we beat Minn, we play at Duke. Well, at least our travel budget won't get stretched this year.
  2. Seattle4UT

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    Texas is a #7
  3. 4realhorn

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    Duke has gotten fairly use to losing in the 2nd round recently, hopefully we can add to that experience.
  4. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    Would you have been more positive had we ended up playing any 2 seed? You would feel better having to play Memphis, perhaps? No matter what we were looking at our second game being a doozie. It just happens to be Dookie that we play.

    They are not invincible, we are streaky. Anything can happen and it would sure be cool to beat the suckwad's that is Duke.
  5. Max Powers

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    To the Moon, Hookem2003!

    You play with fear, you'll lose. I say bring 'em on... they can only beat us so many times in a row, right?
  6. zork

    zork 2,500+ Posts

    tubby smith's squad, what have they got?
  7. tallgrant

    tallgrant 250+ Posts

    They play in the Big Televen, which means physical defense and less than stellar offense. Tubby is a fiarly good coach, but they've been really inconsistent. They've choked some games away they had no business losing. I think we're better than they are, but with the amount of inconsistency we've shown this year it's hard to predict how we'll perform.
  8. UTeric32

    UTeric32 500+ Posts

    Ive seen Tubbys squad...

    I think we can win or lose by 20....and that has nothing to do with Minnesota. We have one bi-polar team.
  9. buckhorn

    buckhorn 1,000+ Posts

    If the Horns play Duke at least they don't have to play them in Durham.
  10. updog07

    updog07 500+ Posts

    We have wayyy more athleticism than Duke. Pittman can absoultely dominate every inside guy they have.

    In the past games with Duke, its been their dominance behind the 3 pt line that kills us. And the way they shot today against FSU, they definately arent on a down streak. We just have to play to our strengths and have a glass of focusness. [​IMG]
  11. tallgrant

    tallgrant 250+ Posts

    Per Mapquest, Greensboro Colisseum is 49.5 miles from Cameron Arena. To contrast, the Alamo Dome is 74.3 miles from the Erwin Center.

    The Dookies will be out in full force.
  12. Horn69

    Horn69 2,500+ Posts

    This will be a good chance for our team to be a real underdog. Playing Duke down the road in Greensboro. It'll be us against the world. But, need focusness on Gophers before we worry about the Dukies.

    P.S.: I"d rather play Duke than Memphis. MSU would be a repeat and playing Griffin and the Gooners would be boring. Give me Duke or give me death. [​IMG]

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  13. Cap33

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  14. SL Xpress

    SL Xpress 500+ Posts

    I'm not confident Texas can beat Minnesota.

    If they do get past Minnesota, then IMO that Duke game is in the bag, because Rick has absolutely pwned Krzyzewski at neutral sites since coming to Texas.
  15. cochamps

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  16. salonghorn-70

    salonghorn-70 2,500+ Posts

    Sometimes Gracie was as smart as a fox and out foxed them all. [​IMG]
  17. Texas Wahoo

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  18. SL Xpress

    SL Xpress 500+ Posts

    I don't think people realize the disdain with which many longtime UNC fans hold Rick Barnes.

    It's probably true the majority of them will root against Duke, but it's hardly a given.

    It'll be interesting to see what the conversation is like on Inside Carolina this week, especially if Texas manages to beat Minnesota.
  19. DRAG69

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  21. adUTleander

    adUTleander 250+ Posts

    For what its worth, i think we got the best possible setup for any 7 seed. I dont care if it is in NC, Duke IMO is the weakest of the 2 seeds (including BlowU). And we do have the inside advantage in this game without question. At least we know how to stop Duke at their strength (guard the perimeter and force their shooters into drivers). I dont know how Duke plans to guard us inside.

    I still feel like we'll lose to Minnesota though. They obviously arent a regular NCAA tourney team, but Tubby Smith is a hell of a coach and has alot of time to prepare for our bipolar team.
  22. Nordberg

    Nordberg 1,000+ Posts

    We got the worst 10 seed, and if we win we'll get the worst 2 seed (albeit in their backyard). Tough to complain.
  23. gecko

    gecko 2,500+ Posts

    I feel pretty good about this match up. Duke hasn't impressed all year. I think we will actually work them mercilessly inside......and this will be a breakout game for Balbay from 3 territory. I see something like a Duke 78, Texas 63 final.
  24. HousHorn09

    HousHorn09 2,500+ Posts

  25. gsohorn

    gsohorn 25+ Posts

    I am not entirely sure that UNC fans will cheer for TX at any point this weekend. I expect the crowds to be largely anti-TX for both games (if TX gets to play 2). I lived in Greensboro for a number of years, and I have come to understand the basic UNC/Duke thinking when it comes to bball.

    When TX plays MN, most UNC fans will be pulling for MN simply b/c of their disdain for all things Rick Barnes. He is like Barry Switzer to TX fans. Really. Even today. Duke will probably be a slight lean for MN based on underdog/perceived lesser opponent factors.

    If/when TX plays Duke, Duke fans will obviously be pro-Duke. UNC fans will probably be largely neutral. Again it's like Barry Switzer coming out retirement and coaching a team against TAMU. Who do you root for? I personally would find it diffcult to watch, much less pick a side to root for.
  26. zork

    zork 2,500+ Posts

    just win baby. find a way. [​IMG]
  27. Oilfield

    Oilfield Guest

    Hope we don't bring the black unis. [​IMG]
  28. SL Xpress

    SL Xpress 500+ Posts

    gsohorn gets it.
  29. moondog_LFZ

    moondog_LFZ 2,500+ Posts

    "this will be a breakout game for Balbay from 3"

    Is this a joke?
  30. IndyHorn

    IndyHorn 250+ Posts

    You guys likely have it nailed. Were we to play Duke, it would be a home game for Duke. I suspect that it is a moot point entirely. Our team is ready made for a Tubby Smith coached team. The Gophers only fail to match up with teams that can run right by them. Balbay can run by the Gophers, but then would need to slow up and wait for someone to shoot the rock. We might inch by Minnsota, but Dook would whip us in front of our own fans, even the Drum's "OU crowd". The debate about Duke versus Rick Barnes to Carolina fans, it's a waste of time. Let's try and win one and then say good night Gracie. This season has been largely fun and now it wraps up-quickly........ Dook has 5 good shooters, we have one. End of story, no matter who is rooting for whom.

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