Scalped ticket prices outside the stadium for big games?

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by giveemhell, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. giveemhell

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    Prices on Stubhub for the LSU game seem outrageous to me. Has anyone tried buying decent tix for a big game from scalpers near the stadium in recent years? If so, can you tell us what kind of prices to expect?
  2. nashhorn

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    For LaTech not so much, for LSU whatever they can get. Hope that helps
  3. BevoJoe

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    It's a BIG OOC game for two teams predicted to do very well this season. Price may vary some depending on where you want to sit. Obviously a seat in the Corner of the EZ will carry less of a premium and lower level sideline seats are more expensive than the west side UD. Also depends on how close it is to the KO time. I've seen double and triple the face for some seats to as low as a $10 premium. For example, I had 2 extra tickets for the tOSU game some years back in the UD on the 50 yd/ln and I sold them for $850 which is what the guy offered before I could tell him my price.
  4. BevoJoe

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  5. giveemhell

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    Thanks BevoJoe, that was informative. Those prices are well below what I'm seeing on StubHub currently. For anyone else who wants to chime in, what would your best guess be for prices outside the stadium on game day for lower level tix (for the LSU game)...let's say around the 20-yard line in a middle section row?
  6. BevoJoe

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    You're welcome! There are scalpers working the crowds from Sholtz's to MLK. They generally don't go on campus. Get there early and you might have a better selection to choose from. Good luck! I hope you find some good seats for the game.
  7. Statalyzer

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    I always prefer to use tickpick because they are just about the only major site that is honest about the true price up front, rather than splitting the price into listed price and fees that don't show up until the last step.

    In 2011, I ended up with a pair of extra tickets for our home game against Kansas State, not amazing but decent seats in the top of the lower deck. Rather than try to guess what to sell them off for, I decided to just pretend to be interested in buying to see what the going rate was.

    With a couple dozen sample sizes, scalpers were consistently offering $20-$30 per ticket in that section, while asking $75-$90. Have never even bothered trying to buy from scalpers since then.
  8. nashhorn

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    Early my guess for those seats would be $250 minimum. Come kickoff drop to $150 if any available but I doubt it. Upper deck only I’m thinking but those really are good views just high.
  9. EasternHorn

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    I agree that prices seem outrageous. As someone who also wants to buy tickets to the game, I am worried that little will be available on gameday. LSU fans can easily drive to Austin and will be here in droves. I am just hoping that prices will come down a little on StubHub (and other sites) the week of the game. This might be a game that we just have to pay more than we would like. It's worth it to me.
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    KBBAKER 250+ Posts

    This is the key. Unlike most other home games (think Big 12 schedule) in recent memory, people from both sides will actually attend this game (i.e. use all their tickets). This has only occurred a few times in the past 15 years (tOSU, USC, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Nebraska, etc.). You have to view this like a concert performed by your favorite artist/group. You will pay up because it means more to you than the next guy.

    I predict limited availability everyday that goes by. Many of the tickets on StubHub are fans looking for a "sucker". They put a crazy price out there, and then wait to see if someone hits it. The week before the game they will pull their tickets because they intend to use them.
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  11. EasternHorn

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    Yes, I will pay up. My question is when to pull the trigger. I don't know if prices will go up or down as the game approaches. This is not like other games.
  12. yelladawgdem

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    My experience is that prices tend to go down as you get closer to the game. This game however is different due to the fact that they will bring a ton of fans. But they will not be as high as they are on the ticket sites right now.
  13. PecosBill

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    LSU will be like USC and ND with very few tix available on gameday is my memory.

    LSU last played at DKR in 1954. It will be a first for over 95K.

    Be sure to get real tix with hologram and not email e tix that have a barcode.

    All have to be scanned prior to entry.
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  14. easy

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    I always thought the email tickets were safer just due to the fact that the original purchaser still has access to the tickets if they sold the hard copy. They could still forward through email at a later date and that new barcode kills the hard copy one or am I wrong?
  15. PecosBill

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    No idea how the defaults work on the emalied tix. But I have seen a paper prinout with a barcode for a single seat. Much easier to dupe than hard copy tix with printed artwork and barcode.

    It all gets scanned at the gate so first in is the good tix?

    I doubt I can drop my scanned tix to a friend out side and him be able to get past the scan.

    Two prinouts of one e-ticket seems easy to do.

    Any security experts out there?
  16. ViperHorn

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    In theory, you are correct Pecos. I spent some time riding heard on arenas all over the world and can report the system isn't foolproof and the people working the scanners are far from bride proof. Right in front of me at the USC NC game a nice looking young lady handed the scanner $100 and gave him a wink and walked on through.
  17. easy

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    Oh yeah no way I’m taking a paper printout ticket in today’s time. I was referring to the digital barcodes they scan on your phone.
  18. BevoJoe

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    I've not had any problems at the gate. Pull up the ticket and the guy check the barcode with the scanner gun and after the "ping" noise, you're done and on your way to your seats.
  19. dukesteer

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    I have been purchasing tickets for both home and away games outside the stadium for many years. Knock on wood I have never failed to come up with tickets although it can get pretty stressful on occasion. I actually bought tickets once from Roosevelt Leak’s brother, outside the stadium.

    If you’re willing to accept any ticket, of course it’s much easier. I’m picky.

    For LSU, my prediction is that tickets will be very scarce and very expensive. I agree with Nashhorn’s assessment above. If both Texas and LSU show well in their earlier games, this might end up being the toughest ticket at DKR in recent memory.

    As of now I don’t have tickets but I am coming in from California for the game. I’m watching the sites and assessing what the game is really worth to me.
  20. RainH2burntO

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    This will be similar to USC or ND recently, with hype and buy-side pressure increasing as game approaches.
    Gameday...onsite...Two tickets in the area you described appx. $700-850 is my best guess.
    Your best bet will be Craigslist the day before/morning of the game - some inexperienced sellers will sell there and sell early/low to mitigate risk and hassle.
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  21. PecosBill

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  22. LousianaHorn

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  23. BevoJoe

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    That was big money for a ticket back in 1936.

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