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    Same weekend as the big 12 championship in Arlington

  2. Walking Boss

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    Horns will have more talent (or potential talent) and aggy will have a serious advantage in coaching. Oh, wait, that's true of 85% of the games the Horns will play next year.
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    not really looking forward to this---we know Shaka's team will be outcoached, but being early in the season they seem to play better (see NC game this year)--But if Shaka wins, can we not give him another 3 year extension??! :brickwall:
    (I am ok with an immediate dismissal with a loss though--:smile1:)
  4. SabreHorn

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    Would you be ok with giving him an extra $3,000 for moving expenses?
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    I'm confused; surely you aren't saying 15% of those teams have worse coaching?
  6. Walking Boss

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    Certainly not. But in !5% of the games, the opponent will have equal or greater base line starting talent. This doesn't factor in coaching of talent, which we have none, and say Tech has an abundance.
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