Scott to Skippy?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Hagy, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Hagy

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    I'm prepping for the worst and hoping for the best.

    My prediction: Scott to UCLA in a suprise move.

    Skippy, Chow, close to home, etc.

    We never land these OOS guys and I think our luck will continue. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Texas Wahoo

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    Plus, he'll be out of there before the UCLA program develops the problems that the Washington and Colorado programs faced.
  3. brynden29

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    I would rather see him at UCLA then CU.
  4. Hagy

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  5. HenryGandorf

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    this thread title is uncool, and as it ticks closer, will become uncooler.
  6. irishtexan

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    I agree Hank. you really ought to change the title, or unsuspecting co-workers across the country might incur unjustified wrath.
  7. afat

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    Yeah...can we get a ? after the title.
  8. Handler XIII

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  9. hot_c_win_horns

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    No disrespect to Scott, but he needs to go watch the 2005 RRSO and see what happened to Bomar in that game. It may give him an indication of what to expect if he goes to sCUm and we go there to play them. Hook Em Darrell!! [​IMG]
  10. texashorne

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    I've always been for scare tactics to lure prized recruits..
  11. LonghorninAustin

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    sCUm is aggy and/or tOSU. don't use it

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