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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by EMJ426, May 23, 2019.

  1. EMJ426

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    Today I tried to purchase my season tickets for my family. (Just 3 tickets) after placing my deposit in March, i eagerly awaited my sales time. Which was this morning. After the computer wasn’t cooperating, I had to call the ticket office. Well, sadly I will not be watching my Longhorns from the stands. There were no seats in my price range. Which I find to be very discouraging. How does the University expect to get new seat holders? I am sorry I just don’t have $2400 to pluck down for seats. This is just a vent. The sad part to this is those season ticket holders already posting their seats for resale at a higher price. I wish I had never inquired about the season tickets because now I have to tell my family we will have to be staying home. Hope they have a great season!!
  2. X Misn Tx

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    $800 per seat is the lowest?
  3. EMJ426

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    Lowest of what is left to purchase. And still not 3 seats together
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  5. BevoJoe

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    Wow! Glad I ordered mine early.
  6. easy

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    when the selection period ends Monday and they open up season tickets for the general public, go back and look again. seats will magically become available at a lower price point.
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  7. zuckercanyon

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    As my mom used to say, "How much? That's a money making deal they got going on over there"....
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    Take a look at Tier 5 sections and just move to the unsold seats between the 20s.
    About $600 less for the season.
    We buy 6-8 Tier 5 seats each year and have friends join us at kickoff in our regular 4 seats. Works for 4 of 6 home games, but not USC, LSU, ND being sellouts.
  9. Phil Elliott

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    I'm just glad they don't charge me what they could.
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  10. easy

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    Season tickets went on sale to public today prices starting at 480 with donation. I’m assuming upper west side at that price point.
  11. sbmcruise

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    Same exact thing happened to me. I could see the seats, select them, get them into my cart. When I tried to check out I would get a non-specific error message that the transaction could not be completed at that time and to try again later. I tried over and over again for hours. I tried another browser-always the same error. I called the box office, but they were closed by then. I called the box office first thing the next morning and they had me clear the cache on my browser to fix the problem. By then the last of the cheapo tickets were gone. Ticket office basically said tuff and refused my proposed solution to sell me the row below the cheapo tickets for the cheapo price. The cheapest then available tickets were more than 2x the price my guys could afford. They did promptly refund my ticket deposits.

    Very frustrating. They want us to use the online system, but next time I'm walking in.
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    Tickets will be easier to get next year when LSU is not on the schedule. I also believe that a lot of the new season ticket holders that are buying because of LSU will be looking to unload the rest of their tickets through out the year.
    This will create some opportunitys to attend alot of the remaining games at a discount.
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  13. PecosBill

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    For this year with the SEZ construction underway there will be approx 4400 fewer tix available to purchase for any game including LSU.
    CDC sais the season tix sales were trending at 66K in June so with 60 more days to sell it could go even higher.

    66K Season tix sold
    20K Student tix
    4.4K Visitor tix
    1K band, staff, admin
    91.4K of 97K before completion of season tix sales and release of single game tix sales to LHF.

    Going to be a sell out regardless.

    Go Horns!
  14. lakewaybevo

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  15. PecosBill

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    Season tix in the mail

    Your 2019 Texas Football package, including season tickets, parking, and hospitality cards, if applicable, has been shipped to the address below via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. No signature will be required. You should receive your package within 2-3 business days.
  16. PecosBill

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    Email Sunday and Tix delivered USPS Monday
  17. Phil Elliott

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    I am out of town buy my wife reports my tix came today. Today I also got an email from UT telling me I am only getting 2 OU tix, I ordered 4.
  18. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Just curious, do they charge you for four and refund your money after deciding you only get two or do they charge only for the two you get?

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