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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by EMJ426, May 23, 2019.

  1. EMJ426

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    Today I tried to purchase my season tickets for my family. (Just 3 tickets) after placing my deposit in March, i eagerly awaited my sales time. Which was this morning. After the computer wasn’t cooperating, I had to call the ticket office. Well, sadly I will not be watching my Longhorns from the stands. There were no seats in my price range. Which I find to be very discouraging. How does the University expect to get new seat holders? I am sorry I just don’t have $2400 to pluck down for seats. This is just a vent. The sad part to this is those season ticket holders already posting their seats for resale at a higher price. I wish I had never inquired about the season tickets because now I have to tell my family we will have to be staying home. Hope they have a great season!!
  2. X Misn Tx

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    $800 per seat is the lowest?
  3. EMJ426

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    Lowest of what is left to purchase. And still not 3 seats together
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    Wow! Glad I ordered mine early.
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    when the selection period ends Monday and they open up season tickets for the general public, go back and look again. seats will magically become available at a lower price point.
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    As my mom used to say, "How much? That's a money making deal they got going on over there"....
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    Take a look at Tier 5 sections and just move to the unsold seats between the 20s.
    About $600 less for the season.
    We buy 6-8 Tier 5 seats each year and have friends join us at kickoff in our regular 4 seats. Works for 4 of 6 home games, but not USC, LSU, ND being sellouts.
  9. Phil Elliott

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    I'm just glad they don't charge me what they could.
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    Season tickets went on sale to public today prices starting at 480 with donation. I’m assuming upper west side at that price point.

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