Seattle City Gov't caves to Amazon & Starbucks

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and city council members on Monday said they would consider legislation to repeal a “head tax” on the city’s large businesses, just weeks after the measure’s passage drew public criticism from Amazon, Starbucks and others.

    Backed by Durkan and seven of the nine members of the Seattle City Council, the repeal effort is underway despite the tax’s unanimous passage on May 14. The approved version of Seattle’s “head tax” had called for large employers to contribute $275 per employee annually in an effort to raise roughly $50 million per year toward efforts to address Seattle’s growing homelessness crisis through affordable housing and outreach efforts."

    Trying to figure out how Amazon etc's NIMBY attitude meshes with Bezo saying things like
    "“I’m thinking I want much of my philanthropic activity to be helping people in the here and now — short term — at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact,” .

    He likely meant he would do philanthropic activity with OTHER people's money.
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    I hate that companies think that they are special and should be treated differently when it comes to paying taxes but...I don't think the city should single out companies for paying a special tax based on them being a large company.

    The worst part of big business is they hold cities and states hostage for special incentives to build in their area. I say make them pay like all the smaller businesses and if they don't want to build there then so be it.
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    I'm very happy that the City Council reversed itself. This was a bad message to send all around to the business community. Housing prices are driving a homeless epidemic in Seattle. Not sure a "head tax" for the cities largest employers who have already been very generous is the right way to go.

    I work for an employer that would have been significantly impacted by this tax.
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    I agree with you SH.
    but isn't the lib /Dem point of view that the wealthy, whether a person or business, is not paying their fair share?
    These big businesses can afford it for sure.
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    Not always. Keep in mind, 2 of the Seattle City Council office holders are Socialist Party, not Democrats. They are the leaders of the push for the $15 minimum wage, many changes to tenant laws and a variety of other changes.

    Most of the Seattle companies are very socially conscious/aware. Starbucks may be one of the furthest left leaning fortune 500 companies. Amazon is opening a property they bought for a building as a homeless shelter. They've also donated restaurant space to Farestart, a non-profit that trains homeless with restaurant skills and houses them during this program. I don't think any "lib/Dem" would be against these public/private partnerships. In this case, it was the method in which the City Council (and later the Mayor) approached the problem. The new mayor (Durkin) came in at the 11th hour with a modified proposal that cut the tax 50%. What all the civic leaders didn't realize was the force of the business community. This should have been obvious but some on the City Council don't care as they are operating on their own agenda.
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    Water is wet. UCLA study finds correlation between housing prices and homelessness.
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    Interestingly, I get this message when I click on the link. I wonder why the LA Times is blocking itself in Germany.

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    That's probably it, but I've been able to access other news sites with no problems. When I turn on my VPN (aka my "Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Fixer), I can open the page.
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    Different companies/vendors are handling GDPR differently. LA Times seems to have taken the lazy route and simply restrict EU citizens from their site. This likely inhibits EU citizens from subscribing to the LA Times. It's the penalties which companies are fearful of...4% of annual revenue...not net, gross.
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    How can the state grant favors based on Federal law? This cronyism is a super crony special.
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