Sec. Clinton puts a smackdown on Senate Cons

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Roger35, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Facts sting eh Brotha?! [​IMG]
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    I'm worried about you drinking all that kool-aid. It seems too sweet for you.
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    Delusional at best.
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    Roger vs. the whack jobs
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    Rice is going to take the fall for the misinformation. Clinton is throwing her under the bus. No big deal, the election is over.
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    Clinton certainly seems prepped for battle -- confident, assertive and in control of her emotions.
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    Sure she is well prepped. She had the flu, concussion and a blood clot to buy her time to practice. She needs to be in prison for causing the death of four Americans.
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  11. Roger35

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    I didn't watch any of the hearings but I will say that one clip bothered me. I found it unacceptable when Clinton got made and said something along the lines of "there are four dead Americans, does it matter what happened at this point". Um, yes it matters what happened. Imagine OJ taking the stand and saying "there are two dead people here, does it matter what happened at this point".
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    Who denied help? Who requested help? Why was there help needed anyway?
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    Did anyone actually watch the hearing rather than read or listen to MSM reports?? I watched about an hour, but from what I saw HRC is very competent in spinning the story her way, but not so much in explaining why additional security was not given after the Ambassador asked for it, and why help was not sent during the 7 hours of the attack. However, I did like it when the Senator from Arkansas remarked that he wished she had won the primary in 2008. I wish she had, too - she is at least is not a total, arrogant fool.
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    Good Lord. People who live in glass houses......did you only watch CNN? MSNBC? ABC, NBC, or CBS "news"? Please go away. Surely there are other websites which require no independent thought to post. Maybe they will think you have a functioning brain. Go there, idiot. Jeez - I truly mean no offense to idiots.
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    Hey Vol. Give us a break. Not everyone here is able to is able to synthesize from the facts at hand the logical, well reasoned, insightful responses that you are. I mean international disasters have been happening for years, yet instead of jailing former Secretaries of State who play high stakes games on a global scale, we keep letting them retire and take great jobs in academia,etc. Libs aren't necessarily lazy, they are just weak-kneed folk uncomfortable throwing folks in jail, typically demanding actual criminal charges and due process.
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    She basically pounded her fists and stomped her feet in a hissy fit.
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    It is not surprising that some of you are actually applauding HC for her performance. You are exactly the problem with politics in our country.

    HC gave virtually zero information or almost any substantive answer to the issue at question. She didnt cry talking about these folks dieing at press conferences days or weeks after the actual event but cries now at a trumped up senate hearing months later. She acts indignant when asked pointed questions about what happened. Head brown nose Roger actually applauded her answer about not getting into why these people died because it was in the past. That is what the hearing were called for! To find out what happened.

    We know nothing of any substance now than we knew yesterday and people applaud that. This isnt a football game.
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    so in spite of the fact that the incompetence of this entire administration led to the slaughter of americans, we have fools cheering them on because they are part of their team. No surprising since we have fools cheering the re-election of a socialist who has racked up 6 trillion in debt in less than 4 years, but they think its a great idea to continue on that path.
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    Jail no, I don't think that, I just want the POTUS and SOS to be recognized for the incompetent leaders they are and be done with them.
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    Well said Prod. The shame of it is that HC is leaving anyway so they can't force her resignation and they successfully put everything off until after the election and BO cant run again. So no damage to them and business as usual. No one will even remember this in 4 years.
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    I thought this was all about a vile videotape? Is this the wrong thread? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Hillary and her Republican detractors were playing out a drama in which the whole point for both sides was to lay away some political hay. Are Republicans more interested and competent in foreign policy than the Democrats? I think Obama, Hillary and Leon Panetta were at least as competent as Bush, Powell-Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.

    Congressional hearings are sometimes about fact finding and sometimes to put on a show and most times a little of both.. Do you think the folks stoking the fires in the "Fast and Furious" debate want a stronger ATF more enegetically enforcing gun laws and preventing dangerous weapons from making an easy trip into Mexico? I see a bunch of politicians trying to embarrass and administration, not solve a problem. When the tables get turned a little bit, it's just smart politicians being smart politicians.

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