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    Devastating loss for Aggy.
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    No, as usual, they just ran out of time.
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  5. Detective Shilala

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    Poor aggy. I think I know how they feel this morning. The morning after we lost to Alabama, it was like my heart had been ripped out.
    Its going to be another long hard coattail ride for them to get in the shadow of someone near the top like this again next year.
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    PM me your address so I can send you the bill for the keyboard I just ruined. Haha.
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    LOL glad you liked it. I'll be here all week folks!
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    But remember why they moved in the first place. It used to be they were limited to riding the coattails and sharing reflected glory of Texas opponents. That limited them to 13 additional wins in a season, and as we got worse, 12! Now they have those plus 13 more from the SEC. So even if they lost this one, it's still a net positive for them.
  9. Detective Shilala

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    Yep, and right now their new big brother can beat up their old big brother. So there is that.
    The psychology of a prison ***** is fascinating stuff.
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