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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. loyallonghorn

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    I agree with y'all, there must be more facts that Sedona isn't sharing. What I don't understand is the injury occurred with USA Basketball, why isn't their insurance paying for her surgeries?
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  2. Jacob Johnson

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    I hope she is speaking of the ncaa and not Texas because honestly it's been a year and it seems she is trying her hardest to make texas sound as bad as possible. If anything her injury occurred with team USA so it's not the responsibility of Texas to pay her medical bills. Why can't she be like chasity patterson and be happy with the team she is at and stop trying to degrade Texas to the fullest extent. This May sound rude but I am starting to regret her coming to Texas in the first place.
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  3. Run Pincher

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    She has been nothing but a whiner and blames Texas for everything. I can't root for her at all anymore. I hope she grows up some day.
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  4. Seattle4UT

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    Sedona who? yesterday's news, no point in talking about her anymore. Best to leave her alone.
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  5. justabbfan

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    While we are not discussing her on this board, they are on RebKell if you want to read reactions from people who apparently don’t have a dog in the fight.
  6. DFW_Horn

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    Forbes online also posted a one-sided account a couple of days ago. Not even a sentence saying that the writer tried to contact USA Basketball / UT and got no response or “unable to comment”.
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    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    An injury that didn’t take place while playing for us and a medical bill incurred after she transferred... I think I’ve heard enough.
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  8. HnH

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    This whole case is very frustrating to me, as I'm sure it is to most here.

    First of all, my heart goes out to any athlete who suffers such a horrific injury, especially when they're on the cusp of a promising collegiate career.

    It was very hard to know what to make of Sedona's earlier claims that she was neglected or provided inadequate care. I simply refuse to believe that UT would be so incompetent or careless in their treatment of a highly prized recruit. Sedona and her family may genuinely believe that UT didn't do enough hand-holding, or that the UT-provided doctors were responsible for the adverse side effects she described in her interview -- but again, that is one side of the story and we are almost certainly not privy to all the relevant information.

    Now about this 22k medical bill stemming from the "complications" -- once again, she seems to point the finger at UT, but I can't help but think this type of financial matter is well out of UT's hands. Health insurance is an ugly world, and I wonder if UT would've even been allowed to pay for care that's not covered by their health insurance policy. I'm surmising that would amount to an impermissible benefit, seen under NCAA rules as no different than buying a student-athlete a car or a house.

    I have a legal question about privacy rights under HIPAA and FERPA: Does a student/patient forfeit their right to privacy about a health matter that they choose to discuss publicly?
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    WCBBNUT 1,000+ Posts

    I am friends with a former player who was injured during play and she says none of this adds up. If UT or UT doctors did anything wrong, the legal ramifications would be huge and I can promise you no attorney would be letting Sedona tweet about this. Clearly she is tweeting out only a portion of the full story.

    Sedona, honey, move on. Asking for an immediate release to play means you got the care you needed and if you leave college with only $22k of debt you are way ahead of the average student. Enjoy Oregon and put this behind you.
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