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Selling 2 tickets for Cal, lower level west side

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by bmoc, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. bmoc

    bmoc 25+ Posts

    Selling two Longhorn Foundation tickets for Cal game on Sept. 19th. Tickets are in Section 1, Row 61, lower level west side, and are underneath the overhang (i.e. shaded).

    Tickets are together (consecutive seats) have a great view of the field and the Jumbotron, and are fairly close to the aisle.

    Will sell for $100 each.
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  2. Keith84navy

    Keith84navy < 25 Posts

    Do you have a parking pass to sell
  3. bmoc

    bmoc 25+ Posts

    Negative, Ghostrider - no PP, just the tix.
  4. Keith84navy

    Keith84navy < 25 Posts

    thanks BMOC
  5. bmoc

    bmoc 25+ Posts

    Price reduced. Will sell for face of $88 each.

    Can deliver tickets in Austin or Dallas, or send overnight if you pay charges. Email me at wynne.sc@gmail.com or send text to 214-356-0358.

  6. Kaymart

    Kaymart < 25 Posts

    are these still available?
  7. bmoc

    bmoc 25+ Posts

    Yes, still available, let me know if interested.
  8. Kaymart

    Kaymart < 25 Posts

    I emailed you :)

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