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    Whitaker isn't a pitcher, Quiroga will be a hitter/position player first.

    Plus could see Adams leaving the program and not taking her extra year.

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    Listed as a market major. Maybe getting an MBA?
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    Seniors+ coming back?
    Slack - Marketing major. No. Graduating going to Kansas as volunteer grad assistant
    Hathaway - Biology. Unsure at this time.
    Rhodes - Physical Culture. Social Media seems to indicate maybe-yes?
    DerMargosian - Journalism. No.
    Washington - Psychology. Yes.
    Elish - Physical Culture. Yes.

    Anyone got firm updates on Hathaway or Rhodes?
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    Reagan Hathaway won't be returning. The only retuning seniors will be Rhodes, Washington and elish. The other three seniors will move on from the team.
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    I am glad it worked out that way; those are the best 3.
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    'See y’all Spring 2021': Kaitlyn Washington announces her return to Texas' softball team |

    Referred to by Texas coach Mike White as “the glue for the team in the clubhouse,” Washington is a three-time all-conference honoree. This season, she hit .457 with 11 RBIs. She will need six doubles to overtake Jodi Reeves for Texas’ career record in that statistical category.

    Washington was one of six seniors on UT’s roster in 2020. All-American pitcher Miranda Elish has already stated that she will return to Texas in 2021. White told the American-Statesman on Thursday that utility player Shannon Rhodes will also be back
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    There was an interview with Patty Gasso in The Athletic. This answer from her is what I thought of when the idea that not only seniors but the entire team would get a bonus year:

    I’m trying not to worry about it, but the NCAA puts out this big statement and there was no cohesive, inclusive conversations with athletic directors. It’s just like, “Hey, everyone, seniors are getting their year back. And guess what? You all get your years back! And sophomores, you get your year back!”

    Then it’s like, kind of under their breath, “OK, everyone, how are you going to handle all these financial issues?” That’s what they’ve done to everybody. This year, I don’t think we have a problem. I have three seniors returning.

    The thing is, in our budget, we offer fifth-year scholarships to allow these athletes to get their degree. So it works out very easy and well, and also the fact that I only have three. So it’s not that big of a deal for now. The 2020 class is coming, and you can have as many people on your roster, apparently, as you want. After that, now you’re back to 12 scholarships (total) and back to roster limits. Your 2021 class is going, “Oh, my gosh, what does this mean for me?” That’s where you start to look ahead and think about what can happen.

    There’s no way you’re going to be able to keep everybody, so my attitude is telling all of my incoming athletes to take the ACT and SAT as many times as you can when it’s available so you can try to move those test scores up. If we can get some of them up to a point where they can get free tuition (via academic scholarships), that really helps our cause a ton. It’s those little things that you have to find ways to bring in some money to help without using up part of the 12 scholarships.

    I also think the transfer portal is going to light up like nothing anybody has ever seen. Kids are going to say, “OK, now I’m a sophomore and I’m sitting behind this junior another year? No way, forget it.” Kids are going to want to play and get in the portal, but it’s going to be hard for them to find places because we’re all in the same boat. It’s a tough thing to go forward with. But we’ll deal with it when we’ve got to deal with it.

    The thing with the transfer portal, I read somewhere is that if you stay on your school, you don't count against the scholarship limit. But if you transfer to another school, even though you're a returning senior+, you do count at your new school's scholarship count.
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    Does anyone want to wager that the decision would have been different if it was football instead of spring sports?
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    For sure. Without a doubt would have been a different scenario for Wisconsin if it was football. They would not think twice about telling seniors to return
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    The one interesting blurb from Coach White was about Hathaway wanting to be done with school. 6 years of school and she didn't want to apply for grad school. Will miss her, best wishes to her future.
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    The 3 seniors who won't return for an additional season are Slack, Hathaway, and Dermargosian . . .

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    Didn't know where else to put this so here I am but I had no idea she was looking to become a head coach. She is very energetic & a great person who seems to have great relationships with every player. Although I love her at Texas softball I hope she gets the HC job. She more than deserves it.
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    I was wondering about recent openings as well. I thought about Spencer for the MN job. I'm going to guess that Nuveman gets it.
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    I hope she stays because I really like her. I especially love how she has an individual handshake for each player when they get to first base. It's the little things like such that really makes a difference in the program. If she wants to become a head coach I hope she gets the job or finds a HC job. She would make a great HC somewhere.
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