Separate board for Reggie Bush fixation obsession

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Hagy, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Hagy

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    Is there a separate board where we can talk all Reggie Bush all the time?
  2. S197HQQKEM

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    who is this "Reggie Bush" you speak of?
  3. Beamwalker

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    [/Hagy] Is there a separate board where I can show everyone how much better I am than the rest of you because I'm "above" the Reggie Bush story [/Hagy]

    Hey, he is one of the most hyped football players in the nation right now, whether you think he lives up to it or not. Did you want different boards for the Vick crimes, Pacman, or other football players? No, they go on the damn football board because they are football players and the outcome affects the game of football. It is pretty ******* simple.
  4. mandingo

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    What we really need is a separate board for the folks posting about wanting a seperate board for the "(insert name here) fixation" posts.

    I count exactly one Reggie Bush thread on the main board, aside from yours, of course.[​IMG]

    Oh, the humanity...
  5. Hagy

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  6. numbereleven

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    I had the special Whataburger chicken strip sandwich for dinner. It owned.
  7. TrashMaster G

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    Let's see, we have a BBS chock full of a lot of the more avid college football fans around, we have the most over-hyped Heisman Trophy winner of the last quarter century taking improper benefits in large amounts, we have the backdrop of one of the greatest college football games with the national champ on the line and that game involved the favorite team of folks in these parts.... Gee, I think this might be exactly the kind of topic you would expect to get quite a bit of attention around here.

    Why anyone would expect otherwise is just beyond me.
  8. Hagy

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