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Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by flash34, Oct 13, 2016.

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    with Collins and Dalton graduating, Fisbeck and Shook (freshman) will be the 2 setters. So who starts? Fisbeck isn't playing right now. So is Shook the favorite? Anybody really know anything about her or seen her play?
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    Ashley is a top 10 recruit. I feel like if Fisbeck were going to get it, she would be setting in a 6-2 now. Also, I don't think Ashley would have ever committed (not from Texas). A 6-2 next year is possible, but Ashley is that good that she could/should start for four years.
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    I'm late to the obsession of talking about vball recruiting for Texas, but here goes.
    I was tracking the commits and suddenly one player was dropped by Texas, Abigail Buckingham (2 ACL injuries in consecutive years) and then Fisbeck shows up on the signing day list. I guess Jerrit got her as a backup because you don't want to end up with only one setter after this year. Right? So I think that the primary setter is Shook and Fisbeck is her backup.

    I hate assuming that higher ranked players end up being starters just because they were higher ranked in high school. But, in vball they tend to live up to their rankings unless injury or surgeries play a part in college. Also, Shook is 6-1 (or 6-2 depending on your optimistic viewpoint). I really like Chloe, but we get abused when she's at the front.

    And Buckingham ended up at TCU.
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    I like Chloe, she plays taller than 5'7.

    We have been talking about a 6-2 for years, Elliot plays with it early in the season and then usually abandons it mid-seasonish.

    I like the way we are setup for the next 2-3 years, Micaya White is a beast with a FULL ON BEAST MODE!!!!
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