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  1. Joe Fan

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    The #23 in the 2022 class.
    Plays at IMG with commit Tamar Bates and top 2021 target Charles Bediako.

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  2. Htown77

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    Here is what @Htown77 said on April 2, 2020:

    "Who cares if Brown comes or not?

    Shaka Smart national team recruiting rankings:
    2015: 18
    2016: 6
    2017: 6
    2018: 8
    2019: 17

    Shaka Smart NBA draft picks (1 and dones):
    2017: Jarrett Allen - Texas went 11-22
    2018: Mo Bamba (lottery pick) - didnt win 20 games, lost to Nevada in the NCAA Tournament
    2019: Jaxson Hayes (lottery pick) - went 16-16 then didnt even play in the NIT Shaka won.

    1. Shaka Smart has never had a talent problem. It has to be some sort of achievement to have recruiting classes like that and never win an NCAA Tournament game in 5 years or ever get to 21 wins in the regular season a single time (or never get to 22 wins including the postseason).

    2. I remember T.J. Ford, Royal Ivey, LaMarcus Aldrige, P. J. Tucker, Daniel Gibson, Kevin Durant, D.J. Augustin, Tristan Thompson, Jordan Hamilton and Cory Joseph actually doing things here (and all winning at least 1 NCAA Tournament game). Jaxson Hayes, Mo Bamba, Jarrett Allen and I'll even reach back to Myles Turner did nothing here and achieved nothing. Like, who even cares the later bunch played here? They just fooled around here a year with an uncompetitive coach, then went onto the NBA. It is meaningless.

    Based on 1 and 2 above, I do not know why I should even care about Greg Brown or why it matters. He'll piddle around here year, at best lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament, achieve nothing, then go onto the NBA. The only winner is the NBA. We'll win only 19 games unless we end up in the NIT. I would rather have a coach with a prayer of winning an NCAA Tournament game than Greg Brown.

    Finally, there's been smoke around Texas basketball recruiting since Shaka got here. It makes no sense anyone wants to come here and lose for a year. Will Wade, Smart's former assistant during his final four run at VCU, has been caught as the head coach at LSU as one of the biggest cheaters in college basketball. If we get Greg Brown, I am going to have a hard time believing Shaka Smart is not cheating his butt off... which makes his inability to win even sadder. At this point, I just hope nothing comes out and we do not get any NCAA sanctions from the Smart era. Greg Brown just seems like added liability as far as potential NCAA sanctions go."

    Also, on April 25, 2020, @Htown77 said "Shaka Smart has to be the biggest "coach february" I have ever seen in my life."

    What do I win for predicting an easily predictable future?
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  3. Chop

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    Give that man a coffee cup or something.
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  4. SabreHorn

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    Give that man a real coach for his basketball team

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  5. 2003TexasGrad

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    Well you got the wins right and yeah, pretty spot on concerning Greg Brown.
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  6. VYFan

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    I want to know whether anyone predicted Shaka’s new hairdo....
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  7. Hoop

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    Fair point. I don't think so. If he stays, we should should bring it up next year and compare the old hair style to the new one in terms of winning basketball games.
  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I hear two of our four signees are asking for a release. One I believe is Tamar Bates and the other (hasn't asked yet but it is coming) is David Joplin.

    I found it funny that after Marquette announced Shaka's hiring two of their returning players entered the portal.
  9. Run Pincher

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    Knew that was coming, but you would think they would at least wait to find out who the new coach is.
  10. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Apparently Tamar Bates is REALLY close with Shaka. Joplin is from Wisconsin so they'll both probably end up underachievers at Marquette.

    I also heard there are over 800 basketball players already in the portal. Shouldn't be too difficult for a new coach with a new arena coming next year to find 7-8 quality players.
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  11. Htown77

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    Greg Brown follow up:
    I attended the Spurs-Trailblazers game last night. I was extremely unimpressed with Greg Brown. If there was ever a talented player that could really use a few years of good coaching and development in college, it was him. I know a lot of Smart recruits have gone on to have much better NBA careers, but unless Brown gets coaching soon, I do not think Brown will be an NBA success story. He seemed a step behind every other player on the floor for both teams. He is only 20 and has time to develop, but he needs to prioritize finding a coach/mentor to help him do that. Hopefully he does end up finding that and getting better.
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  12. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    As a follow up here, Bates is not at Marquette but Joplin is and ended up with a stellar 2.7 ppg, 0.9 rpg, 38% FG, 50% FT and 28% 3pt. A true Shaka prodigy in every aspect.
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  13. Horns11

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    Bates was only so-so at IU for his freshman season. Came off the bench as the primary guard backup. Pretty awful shot selection but not bad otherwise.

    If I had to nominate one for "the one who got away" it would be Donovan Williams.

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