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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by dadrivr, May 19, 2017.

  1. txlandagent

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    No way Brown comes to Texas. No logical reason to jump on the Titanic when you can go get a year of NBA development under coach Cal.
  2. Walking Boss

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    Does the topic of this thread even matter anymore? I think not. Whatever talent Smart recruited he can’t do anything with.
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  3. BevoJoe

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    Shaka has recruited solid talent, but he's hasn't been able to do much with it. Also,
    including this season, Shaka hasn't had a winning record in conference play the last 4 seasons:

    2019–20......12–6........2–4 (as of 01-22-2020)

    Is there anybody that is really satisfied with this and believes he's doing a great job? If so, please enlighten us.
  4. Joe Fan

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    I think he is the 4th ever Austin area Parade AA and I think we got the other 3 (we gonna miss this one though)
  5. Htown77

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    He probably is not coming to Texas anyway and just wants to make sure we will not be any type of threat to wherever he ends up going.
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  6. Walking Boss

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    Simply doesn’t matter what if any recruits are lost if Shaka is shown the door. Shaka is the problem and even were Brown to come to UT what difference could he make standing in one spot at the 3-point line or driving one on five? Fortunately, If CDC makes the right hire, the program can be turned around in a couple of years. That, however, is easier said than done. But staying the course with Shaka simply can’t be an option. It has been a slow descent into basketball hell that has picked up speed.
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  7. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    LOL, Greg Brown isn't committed here. Why would dad get out there with statements like this? I might care more if he were committed, but surely he already knows Shaka's days are numbered. One recruit does not secure a head coaches job.
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  8. txlandagent

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    No chance Greg Brown was ever coming here. IF we had any chance of landing him (and we don’t) regardless of Shaka, he’s one and done. Texas wouldn’t have been a good fit for him for the one season either way. If he has any sense he’ll go to Kentucky. He’s probably already better than most of the freshman PF’s they have right now and will get development for next level.
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  9. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    So what am I missing here? Do we not have any roster openings or do we suck so bad no one wants to come here or did Shaka just decide to give up since he's missed on every single offer so far? No signees for 2020, no commits and only 4 offers out there to players who clearly won't come here. I think he must have been told he's done otherwise wouldn't more offers have already gone out?
  10. Horns11

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    Yeah I think he's scuttling the ship as long as everyone knows the writing is on the wall.

    Our inability to nab recruits (especially guards or shooters) is what's killing us in 2020, but it'll take several more years to recover the mess Shaka created. We're going back to square one and starting over with a limited roster in 2021, and hoping we can just catch a break with some recruits.

    Another problem that no one seems to mention is that we're still a little under the microscope since the Eric Davis & Prince Ibeh violations. We can't get anyone because we can't cheat as well as teams like Kansas.
  11. Walking Boss

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    Interesting that Quentin Grimes is now at UH. Didn't he originally come down to KU and Texas before signing with KU? Maybe KU blocked any transfer in conference, but if not it seems telling that he saw what Shaka had to offer in coaching (nothing) and went to play for Sampson.

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