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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by sblazer, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Big win on big Monday. Maybe this will be the spark we need.
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    That was a whole lot more like it. [​IMG]
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    pick your poison. if the opponents d wants to sag insdie then take the jumpers. great game jordan hamilton!
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    Michael Jordan Hamilton

    Man this kid has some mad skills

    Also I loved the mention of the Texas football recruiting class.

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    Huge win. I was almost afraid to watch the game tonight. I thought we were going to lose going in.

    Jordan Hamilton, if he can bring even 1/2 of what he showed tonight in subsequent games, it might just save our season.

    I like Balbay and Mason's grittiness and defense and effort, just like Barnes does... but those two CANNOT spend too many minutes on the floor at the same time, IMO. It just hamstrings us too much at the offensive end having two perimeter guys who are absolutely NO threat to score from the perimeter or even at mid-range, and can't hit free throws.

    We need one of the young guards to step up every night and give us some shooting, I don't care if it's Hamilton, Bradley, or Brown. Or else with the way Pittman is playing, we are not even a top 25 caliber team. James is good, but he's no Kevin Durant 1-man offense.

    It's time for these youngsters to grow up. They have to for us to salvage this season.
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