Should I switch to Grande?

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by Cap33, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Currently have a TWC bundle. Despite their bad rap at times, I've never had any real issues with outages or customer service. Grande has the LHN, and is a bit cheaper even with the NFL Network and a couple of movie channels. But. . .

    The couple of people with Grande I've talked to have the same complaint: their wireless internet. Honestly not sure if this is a Grande issue or an human error issue. Can anyone give me a good comparison between TWC and Grande, or good reason not to switch?
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    I cannot speak to wireless Grande but I have been a cable customer and they now provide my internet. I get a faster and better internets for less money than TWC. I found I got more channels for less money too.

    I chose to cut the cable 1 1/2 years ago so don't know about their new services. But can't you use your own equipment and not "rent" theirs if you like? That is if it is inferior and not just your friends not knowing what they are doing. The companies use basically the same products by the same companies for that stuff. Example is Scientific Atlanta boxes, etc.
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    you should support Uverse or FIOS if you can, since they both carry The Longhorn Network.
  4. Horns11

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    Horns, BigWill lives outside of the United States of America so he does not know about Grande here in Texas. He lives in California.
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