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    Tuesday, June 26: Longhorn Foundation members ranked 1-1,000 as of June 15
    Wednesday June 27: Longhorn Foundation members ranked 1,001-4,999 as of June 15
    Thursday, June 28: Longhorn Foundation members ranked 5,000 and below as of June 15

    Total Annual Fund Gift: Ticket Limits (based on availability)
    $25,000+: 12 tickets
    $10,000-$24,999: 6 tickets
    $50-$9,999: 4 tickets
    Non-members: 2 tickets

    LHF season ticket holders have first option to purchase add'l USC game tix based on ranking.

    One could join today and get season tix 6 games for $229 or just the USC game for $125 in NEZ 116

    Example Tier 3 seats season tix $465 6 games or purchase USC game for $150

    Note non members have access also to 2 tix
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    Dont forget the $300 mandatory LHF fee per ticket and the "service fee" to give them our money so its actually almost $800 per tier 3 seat not $465.

    Doesnt seem that long ago when I was getting what is now considered Tier 1 seats between the 30's on the east side for $500 a seat donation and about $300 for the tickets which is now $3500 & $660 respectively. Its hard to believe anyone can afford nearly $17,000 for a family of 4 for good season tix for mostly crappy games. Those of us who are middle or upper middle class can no longer sniff decent seats. Theres a reason there are so many empty seats. I'll just find my USC tix somewhere online and watch the rest from my living room in the AC and save thousands.
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    V4L you are correct it does cost more today than when I graduated in the mid 70S.

    Today join LHF for the minimum $50 and then buy your season tix in Tier 3 Sec 103/107 for $465 +$150 = $615 for 6 games including USC, TCU, BU and WVA at DKR plus Tulsa and ISU and that is over $100 per game just to get a seat inside.

    A family of 4 would cost an amazing $2,510 per year plus you would have all the hassle of parking, gameday noise, cotton candy for the kids etc and 100K+ on Sept 15th with USC in town.

    At least LHF and CdC are doing something to address the cost of family size entertainment with the addition of Kickstarter or Tier 5 seating in the NEZ and UDW 101/102/108/109 Rows 41+ at $229 per season for 6 games. Join LHF $50 and $0 for seating fee and a family of 4 is $966 for the year or $40 pp per game.

    Maybe in a couple of years of TH, Texas @ DKR will be an expensive place to take the kids. For a good reason.

    In the meantime one can enjoy live college football at DKR and just move over to the empty seats after kickoff for $40 per game.

    Go Horns!
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    Today is my selection day if anybody needs tickets and has PayPal I I’ll be more than willing to help you. Cheapest seat is 125 - 175 with a 5 dollar fee per ticket. I can order 4 if anybody wants to go to the game.
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    Just saw this. I have a hotel within walking distance but no ticket yet. I was looking at Ticket City maybe.
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    Join the 100K!

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